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  • skype down

    Skype down, outage in Europe

    Skype, the popular chat, and video call service, used in many offices around the world as well as by private users, is now unusable in most parts of Europe. On June 19th there already were many outages, concentrated in the evening: now, on a smaller scale, there are several problems with the login and use […]

  • astro email

    Astro email: artificial intelligence for email management

    Have you ever missed some important emails? Do you receive too many newsletters? Do you sometimes forget if you answered to an email the day you were supposed to do it? It happens a lot to us, more than we like to admit. Astro is an email client (or better an email app) that tries […]

Latest Accu-Reviews

    • SendPulse

      SendPulse is an integrated platform to create, manage and send responsive newsletters and text messages. You can create email templates without having HTML skills: just choose a ready-made layout and customize it with SendPulse drag-and-drop editor.

    • Campaigner

      Campaigner is a email marketing solution that aims to help all small to large scale businesses to increase revenues, create effective email marketing campaigns and establish customer rapport.

    • LeadPages

      Claiming to be “the #1 landing page builder”, Leadpages is a versatile software that you can use to create beautiful professional landing pages. This professional builder lets you create different landing pages so that you A/B test them, and has many useful features like HTML editing...

    • MRPEasy

      MRPEasy is a cloud suite able to compromise CRM and MRP (Material Resource Planning) features, production planning, procurement and much more. It serves small to mid-size manufacturers, helping allocate resources.

  • who-we-are

    Who we are

    We are a world-class team of software experts and our purpose is to shed light on the software field. We will contribute to the success of your job picking…

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  • What we do

     Accurate Reviews is the right service at the right moment. We help you search and find the right software for your needs. Our job is to review and suggest…

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  • What we offer

     If you’re a software house and your application or service is not listed on Accurate Reviews, please get in touch, we’ll set up the basic product sheet in…

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  • User reviews

    We encourage our users to write reviews about software. A custormer review could help someonelse choose the right software for every needs…

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  • Best Project Management Software

    • Things 3

      When the first version of Things came out on the iPhone in 2008, followers of David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system thought they had died and gone to heaven. While other to-do list apps allowed users to do little more than build lists and enjoy the satisfaction of checking them off, Things came closer to letting users build the 43 folders and multiple list types that GTD recommended.

  • Best Label Printing Software

    • Labeljoy

      Labeljoy is a software specialized in creating to create and printing labels, envelopes, badges, business cards, CD labels, letters and anything else that needs to be wholly or partially replicated and printed.

  • Best Antivirus Mac

    • ESET Cybersecurity Suite Pro for Mac

      If you need something more than a simple antivirus, you can rely on ESET Cybersecurity Suite Pro for Mac to safely protect your computer and your data from cyber threats. It’s a complete suite.

  • Best Photo editing

    • PaintShop Pro

      With even mobile phones coming with basic image editing options built-in, dedicated photo editing software needs to promise more options, a simple workflow for consumer users and a price that won’t break the bank. Corel’s PaintShop has always managed to tick those boxes.

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