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  • mac address android

    MAC Address: few Android phones hide it and protect your privacy

    When you get onto a network, whether wifi or telephone, your devices get many recognition codes, so to say: among these codes there is also the MAC address, where MAC stands for Media Access Control. Our privacy may be jeopardized by the MAC address, because third-parties can track our movements, including locations and times of […]

  • instagram two factor authentication

    Instagram introduces two-factor authentication

    With a new update to its app, Instagram has added several new features, particularly about videos. They wrote a heartfelt message of hope of sorts, inviting users to keep the platform a safe and peaceful place. And, last but not least, they added two-factor authentication, available to all users. Two-factors authentication means a system that […]

Latest Accu-Reviews

    • WakeUpSales

      To manage and track your sales pipelines you need a great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that assists you in your business activities: find leads, accomplish a proper relationship with customers, manage your team and much more. WakeUpSales is an innovative CRM solution.

    • Corel VideoStudio Pro

      While Adobe’s video editor can bring a smile to the face of a professional creative and a look of confusion to a hobbyist, Corel’s VideoStudion Pro does a good job of bridging the gap. That puts it right in the laps of enthusiasts who want to do a bit more than put a title on their vacation videos but aren’t going to be cutting their own feature films.

    • Revue

      Revue is a newsletter service that helps you quickly share your personal newsletter enriched by text, links, and images we find and like online. It is the kind of service designed for social media managers, curators, influencers, individuals or small companies that need to rely entirely on their online presence.

    • DroidEdit Pro

      It could happen. You might be sitting on the bus when you get hit by incredible idea for a game that will be as popular as Angry Birds. So you whip out your phone, open an app and before you’ve reached your destination, you’ve already thumb-typed most of the code.

  • who-we-are

    Who we are

    We are a world-class team of software experts and our purpose is to shed light on the software field. We will contribute to the success of your job picking…

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  • What we do

     Accurate Reviews is the right service at the right moment. We help you search and find the right software for your needs. Our job is to review and suggest…

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  • What we offer

     If you’re a software house and your application or service is not listed on Accurate Reviews, please get in touch, we’ll set up the basic product sheet in…

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  • User reviews

    We encourage our users to write reviews about software. A custormer review could help someonelse choose the right software for every needs…

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  • Best Landing page

    • OptimizePress

      After having reviewed so many landing page builders, most of which feature editor with problems and bugs, OptimizePress was like a breath of fresh air. In the crowded market of Landing Page Creators, OptimizePress emerges as one of the best and most advanced tools to transform visitors into potential customers...

  • Best Online Project Management

    • Basecamp 3

      Since 2004 Basecamp has been one of the most famous and most used online project management tools, made by one of the most opinionated software houses in the industry. In 2015 they released the third version of this professional project management tool...

  • Best Email Verifier

    • TowerData

      TowerData is a great player in the email industry: in addition to being the leading email validation service provider, it provides tools for a winning multi-channel marketing campaign.

  • Best Accounting Services

    • FreshBooks

      As an online business service, FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software you can find in the industry. It encompass an accounting tool, time tracking capabilities and invoicing features in just one product.

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