• la falla di sicurezza di whatsapp

    WhatsApp Security Breach

    The problem was found back in April 2016, by Tobias Boelter, a security researcher at University of California, Berkeley: he swiftly communicated his discovery to WhatsApp. The problem lay there, until today that went public. What’s the problem?

  • Opera Neon

    Opera Neon Reinvents the Browser

    Opera tries to shake up browser industry with Opera Neon, a concept software already available to users for a first try out. Opera Neon, which can be used either on Windows or Macs, it’s an experimental browser: it runs the Opera core code, but with a renovated interface that reminds a futuristic operating system. Opera […]

  • riempimento automatico browser

    How to defend from phishing: disable autofill

    Modern-day browsers autofill feature is a truly useful option: it allows us to fill out forms without writing down all information needed. Autofill in Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari is actually pretty flawed: it can be tricked to provide all personal information on sites we visit.

  • Come inviare file pesanti dal PC

    How to Share Large Files from your PC: Best Software

    It has happened to everybody, right? Having to share some large files from your PC and you couldn’t do it because of some limitations. You can’t’ attached them to an email; you have to use some particular service that allows file sharing, regardless of their type or dimension. Most of them have a client app to use on your PC or Mac.

  • ransomware per mac

    The state of Mac virus, 2016

    Yes, Macs are not free from viruses. There are viruses since the beginning. Patrick Wardle of Objective-See has written a post with the last significant malware for MacOS, including links to download them and study them (warning: we strongly advise against doing so).

  • duolingo

    Duolingo Social Club

    A noi succede praticamente ogni primo gennaio: dire “Quest’anno imparo una nuova lingua”. E cavarcela con al massimo un paio di frasi di circostanza, buone per ordinare una birra in un altro stato europeo. Oggi allora è il giorno giusto per installare Duolingo, la più diffusa app per imparare una lingua straniera.

  • iphone

    How to setup a new iPhone or iPad

    Have you finally received that craved iPhone? Or a nice iPad to work or study? Very well, now you’re ready to start enjoying all their potential. If you are inexperienced, we will explain how to configure an iPhone or and iPad easily and quickly: you just have to follow these steps proposed by Apple, which we will explain in detail.