• microsoft to-do

    Microsoft To-Do, the official Wunderlist replacement

    In 2015 Microsoft acquired Wunderlist, a great platform for to-do lists with dedicated apps on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Today, Microsoft To-Do has been released, the official Wunderlist replacement. With a very modern design (and very similar to Google’s Material style, to say it all), To-Do is a synchronized to-do list service […]

  • facebook messenger

    Facebook Messenger introduces group payments

    Messenger, the ubiquitous instant messaging services included Facebook, introduced in the United States an option to raise money with your friends in a group chat (if they use the mobile apps for Android or iOS). Until now it was possible to send money (or return the advance of a dinner, for example) only within a […]

  • android wifi hack

    Android WiFi Hack: an actual danger

    If you have an iPhone and you have updated to iOS 10.3.1 you’re safe. Every Android user has to be careful, thou. Project Zero, Google’s division that deals with security, seeking vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit, gave the alarm on Tuesday, after Apple’s latest update. It seems that the problem is present in the Broadcom […]

  • super mario run android

    Super Mario Run for Android

    We already mentioned Super Mario Run, the first game for iOS with the iconic character from Nintendo: it was available before Christmas for iPhone and iPad and has been an instant success. The most famous plumber has a very powerful franchise. A few days ago was released the Android version, which costs $10 as the iOS […]

  • workflow apple

    Workflow: Apple acquires popular automation app for iOS

    Scripting is not for everyone, we know. It’s even more complicated to build a script on iOS: the very nature of this mobile operating system prevents us to tinker as we can do on a computer. The reason is, according to Apple, to ensure maximum reliability and security of their mobile devices. For those of […]

  • Adobe Experience Cloud

    Adobe Cloud Experience: a unified digital platform

    During the Digital Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, Adobe announced that it will unify all its digital divisions under a single online platform, called “Experience Cloud”. Those divisions, each with its own dedicated cloud, are Creative, Document, Marketing, Analytics and Advertising, the latter born recently. Obviously, access to different parts of this “Cloud Experience” will […]

  • windows vista

    Windows Vista: Microsoft to stop extended support

    The day has almost come. Starting April 11, 2017, Microsoft will end support for Windows Vista, its main operating system from 2008 to 2009. This doesn’t mean that you Windows Vista PC will cease to function, of course, on the night of April, 10th: it only means that you may incur in many more risks […]