Disk Management Tools

  • 1 Decrap My Computer

    Decrap My Computer has a strong name which explains its sense: it’s a bloatware-removal tool. (We call bloatware every software that comes pre-installed on PCs, usually with custom skins, in trial mode, as well as useless software that hog space and resources.)

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    2 AppCleaner

    AppCleaner is a disk management tool for your Mac, which can erase any executable file that you installed on your computer, but most of all those system files and preferences: all those little pieces of an application that get scattered through your hard disk.

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    3 Revo Uninstaller Pro

    Among the best disk management tools, we find Revo Uninstaller Pro, an app designed to uninstall and remove unwanted software from your PC, in an easy and quick way.

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