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  • skype down

    Skype down, outage in Europe

    Skype, the popular chat, and video call service, used in many offices around the world as well as by private users, is now unusable in most parts of Europe. On June 19th there already were many outages, concentrated in the evening: now, on a smaller scale, there are several problems with the login and use […]

  • google i/o

    Google I/O: News from the Developer Conference

    The second major developer conference is here: it’s Google I/O, held in Mountain View, California (where the tech giant is based). And maybe this is the year Google’s future was announced: we will find out in a few years whether or not actual facts will follow these announcements. Google’s focus is shifting from search and mobile […]

  • google maps

    Google Maps and Street View: a winning team

    Have you ever experienced this? You fire up Google Maps, following its instructions until you take a road and you suddenly realize that you get the wrong one? And if only Google Maps were more accurate… To solve this problem, Google Maps is adding pictures from Street View to improve their directions. The idea is […]

  • microsoft build

    Microsoft Build: News from the Developer Conference

    Today is the last day of Microsoft Build, their developer conference. It is the annual conference announcing new stuff from various Redmond platforms: and there were many things to show. First, Microsoft announced that Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system, is now in use on half a billion devices. Though initially, they thought […]

  • fuchsia

    Fuchsia, Google’s future operating system

    Keeping up with all the difference between Android and Chrome OS is giving you a headache? Don’t worry, Google is working on another OS, Fuchsia, and this will lead to much more clarity, right?! During 2016, Google has confirmed that it is working on a new operating system that can run on smartphones and computers […]