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Freron Software, Copenhagen, Denmark.


MailMate is an ugly, but powerful and “keyboard centric” email client for Mac. It does not focus on the design but provides a feature-rich text-based approach to email. If you are a keyboard shortcuts fan, you’ll love MailMate: it allows keybindings customization for everyday tasks and supports more Gmail shortcuts than competitors. The client allows to read, tag, reply, navigate, move messages and change current mailbox using only keyboard shortcuts.

Being standards compliant, MailMate allows you to write plain text emails and doesn’t support rich text editing with WYSIWYG. If you want to add basic formatting to your message you have to write in Markdown, an integrated easy-to-learn plain text markup language. Thanks to Markdown writing you’ll be able to add outlines, tables, code segments, italics, bold and bullet lists.

You may need to get used to Markdown, but in a short time, you’ll be able to generate an HTML body part for your email. The MailMate search tool is one of the most robust and rapid out there able to search for quoted or unquoted body text. A special view feature that shows email statistics and thread arcs and a wide screen layout are available.

Deep integration functionalities with productivity tools and extensions make MailMate one of the best solution if you’re an advanced user. It’s also possible to customize notifications: you can choose optionally to display multiple dock counters and multiple menu bar counters. MailMate supports universal mailboxes including a unified Inbox and all IMAP servers.

MailMate is quite expensive: $49,99 from the developer’s website. A 30-day trial is available.


MailMate doesn’t bring a neat design and it’s expensive. The interface is very functional and feature-rich, but maybe unsettling for a novice user. If you need the most powerful and standards-compliant email client available, MailMate is, however, the best choice.

Usability: 6.5 /10 Speed: 7 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 6.5 /10

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