Nylas N1 Review

Yes, maybe its interface is very classic: but it's done with taste and cleanness.

Yes, maybe its interface is very classic: but it’s done with taste and cleanness.

Nylas N1 is a free email client for macOS, with many useful productivity features that comes handy when you have to manage your to-dos alongside your communications. Its developers claim you can stop using browser add-ons and concentrate everything in your email client: as they say, even if you read an email it doesn’t mean that you did the task it told you to do.

Its interface is very minimal and clean, and simplifies a lot of power-user features that you can rely on, starting with snoozing and reminders, and going on with enriched contacts (Nylas N1 pulls your contact’s information from their social network profiles, for example), and more. It also includes an email tracker, a send later option, and many other features – some of them are saved for the premium version. It could also be augmented via plugins.


There are of course a slew of bugs and uncertainties, but it’s a project under active development, and since it’s open source it will improve regularly.

Usability: 7 /10 Speed: 8 /10 Features: 7 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 8 /10