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2017 Top Chat & Instant Messaging Popular Apps

  • 1 Rocket.Chat

    Sometimes you want to install a messaging app so that you can just chat about last night’s game with someone in the next office. HipChat will do that for you. Sometimes you want a chat program that will let you send the entire contents of the Pentagon to Wikileaks without anyone else knowing.

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    2 Slack

    The upcoming star of the tech world, lately, is Slack: everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s using it, and everyone’s an opinion about it. First thing first: it’s “only” a communication tool. You have to rely on other apps or services to get your work done unless you’d like to tinker with hundreds of Slack apps and integration until you find something that suits you.

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    3 Tox

    Whenever a new software product enters a crowded market, its maker tends to pitch it as a revolutionary step forward. It’s not just faster and prettier. It’s also packed with amazing new features that you never thought you needed. Tox doesn’t do that.

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    4 HipChat

    There was a time when instant messaging was simple and straightforward. As the dotcom bubble was bursting, workers in offices needed only to fire up ICQ, pick a name from a list and ask someone in the office next door if they knew who was being laid off next.

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    5 Microsoft Skype

    Since its inception, Skype has made a long and steady climb to the top of the productivity apps that everyone of us uses almost everyday. In 2014, Skype market share was 40%: it’s a de-facto standard – maybe that’s the reason Microsoft bought them 2011...

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