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  • cellular data iphone

    Cellular data: how to control your traffic

    The Internet in our pockets is something comfortable and, at times, beautiful. Over the years telephone carriers offered more and more data: in 2008, when I bought my first smartphone, I considered myself lucky to have 2GB; now it’s easy to find pricing plans with 4, 6, even 10 GB included. But if you do […]

  • newsletter template easter 2017

    Newsletter template Easter 2017: last minute tips

    «Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!» If you are as the White Rabbit, late to send your Easter newsletter, perhaps we can suggest a few tips to make up time. The most important thing is that you do quickly, but you do it well. You should already know how to write the […]

  • google chrome

    Google Chrome: how to reduce RAM usage

    Credit where it’s due: in a short period, Google has managed to get almost the majority of the desktop browser market share (and you can say that through Android has a sure majority of the mobile market share, too). It is a modern browser, efficient and fast in loading times, thou from our personal point […]

  • telegram voice calls

    How to use Telegram voice calls

    Sometimes it’s necessary to make a phone call, but without using a regular phone line (or the app for voice calls on your phone). Maybe you want to call your relatives in another state; maybe you want to save some money, maybe you try new apps for fun. In the last few years, dozens of […]

  • instagram two factor authentication

    Instagram introduces two-factor authentication

    With a new update to its app, Instagram has added several new features, particularly about videos. They wrote a heartfelt message of hope of sorts, inviting users to keep the platform a safe and peaceful place. And, last but not least, they added two-factor authentication, available to all users. Two-factors authentication means a system that […]

  • windows 10 ads

    How to block most advertisements on Windows 10 in a couple of clicks

    Windows 10 was the bearer of numerous controversies: the last concerns the forced placement of advertising into the operating system. For the time being, there are some “advertising tips” shown on the lock screen and the Start menu, but there are additional entries in Files Explorer, for example. When you navigate among your files, you […]

  • google maps

    Google Maps: how to use its lesser known features

    Google Maps is one of the best surfers in the form of apps for Android smartphones and iPhones, but you can also use it on your desktop computer. While we use it often while we drive, we usually do not know all the additional features and little tricks that could simplify our life. Let’s see […]

  • protecting gmail

    Protecting Gmail: the best extensions

    Google services such as Gmail are usually pretty safe. If someone hacks an account, generally it’s the account’s owner fault: maybe they were using passwords too weak (and since we’re talking about it: are your passwords safe? Think about it!). If you are looking for elevating your Gmail protection, having already enabled two-steps authentication and […]