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  • subtitles movies virus

    Subtitles for movies: beware of the virus

    Beware, readers who regularly download original language movies from the internet, perhaps with shady methods, and then look for subtitles to better understand the movie: you’re opening the door to a malware infection in full swing. If you think about it, it’s pretty obvious: subs files are text files, but they can deliver malicious code. […]

  • facebook

    Facebook internal rulebook: ok to bullying and misogyny, no threats to Trump allowed

    A Guardian investigation unveils the secret moderation guidelines applied by Facebook to everything is posted on the social network. The results are quite appalling. Maybe you can now answer the question sometimes arises: what the hell are the criteria Facebook is using? How many times have you seen removing a picture of a painting because […]

  • wannacry ransomware

    WannaCry Ransomware: Even more clues lead to North Korea

    Computer security experts and researchers continue to study WannaCry ransomware virus, the malware responsible for the more widespread known computer attack (200 million computers in more than 150 countries). Last week we talked about clues suggesting ties between WannaCry’s creators and a group of North Korean hackers, known as Lazarus Group, responsible for other infamous […]

  • icloud notes

    iCloud Removed Notes: A Russian company claims it is possible to retrieve it

    Russian software company ElcomSoft has made an interesting discovery about an iCloud feature. iCloud is Apple’s cloud synchronization service and is used as the backbone of all of their services. iCloud handles all aspects of Apple devices: emails, profiles, and especially data synch. By default, iCloud keeps the elements we delete for 30 days, then […]

  • twitter

    Twitter and privacy: the latest changes

    Twitter has announced several changes to privacy and advertising policies. Now you can access a range of information about our profile that was not known before, including, for example, the interest that the social network has deduced we have, advertisers who have added us to campaigns or public details, the list Apps and devices from […]

  • google i/o

    Google I/O: News from the Developer Conference

    The second major developer conference is here: it’s Google I/O, held in Mountain View, California (where the tech giant is based). And maybe this is the year Google’s future was announced: we will find out in a few years whether or not actual facts will follow these announcements. Google’s focus is shifting from search and mobile […]

  • google maps

    Google Maps and Street View: a winning team

    Have you ever experienced this? You fire up Google Maps, following its instructions until you take a road and you suddenly realize that you get the wrong one? And if only Google Maps were more accurate… To solve this problem, Google Maps is adding pictures from Street View to improve their directions. The idea is […]

  • wannacry ransomware

    WannaCry ransomware: the day after

    Or also: how does the story of the biggest computer attack ever known to man unfold? While in more than 150 countries around the world are still evaluating the real damages caused by this ransomware, security experts try to understand WannaCry’s origins, scope, and peculiarities. On the one hand, to solve the problems posed by […]

  • wannacry ransomware

    WannaCry ransomware the largest attack ever

    Over the last weekend, more than 200,000 computers were hit by a ransomware named WannaCry that exploits a flaw in the file sharing protocol on Windows networks. The flaw was patched in March by Microsoft with a security update, but unfortunately, not everybody installs these updates; plus, the patch did not work on Windows XP. […]