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  • browser

    Different browsers for different needs: a basic list

    The browser market is multi-colored, and you can choose different things according to your needs: there is always a large enough number of people who don’t want to use pre-installed browsers (both Microsoft Edge for PCs or Safari for And Mac). The selection we made below is designed to be of assistance to everyone, regardless […]

  • keylogger hp

    There might be a keylogger in your HP devices

    Modzero AG’s security experts revealed that some HP device drivers sport a keylogger, which is a malicious code that can control and save everything we type on a computer, stealing sensitive passwords and accesses. The keylogger is included in the audio drivers, and actually saves anything typed by users in the MicTray.log log file that […]

  • microsoft build

    Microsoft Build: News from the Developer Conference

    Today is the last day of Microsoft Build, their developer conference. It is the annual conference announcing new stuff from various Redmond platforms: and there were many things to show. First, Microsoft announced that Windows 10, the latest version of its operating system, is now in use on half a billion devices. Though initially, they thought […]

  • fuchsia

    Fuchsia, Google’s future operating system

    Keeping up with all the difference between Android and Chrome OS is giving you a headache? Don’t worry, Google is working on another OS, Fuchsia, and this will lead to much more clarity, right?! During 2016, Google has confirmed that it is working on a new operating system that can run on smartphones and computers […]

  • android malware

    Android malware: 8400 new malicious apps every day

    For every new Mac malware discovered we write lots of articles, because of the usual resistance against computer viruses. On Android, the picture is roughly comparable to Windows PCs. According to the GData Security blog, in the first quarter of 2017 750,000 new Android malware were discovered: it means more or less to 8,400 new […]

  • google docs phishing

    Google Docs phishing: No one is safe, not even Google

    Not even Google can be safe from phishing attempts. The other night, many received an email to access a shared document on Google Docs: the email came from known contacts and looked real at a glance. Obviously, it was not. The button that called you to access the document had an URL that was incredibly […]

  • Windows 10 S

    Windows 10 S: all you need to know about the new lightweight operating system

    Hereafter the launch and the great success of Google Chrome devices, Microsoft realized the need for a lighter and less complex operating system focused mainly on education devices. For this reason, Redmond announced Windows 10 S, the “light” version of Windows that should be available from this summer. Let’s try to understand more in detail […]