What makes FlexClip a powerful online video editor?

We often wonder how to create unique videos. It isn’t easy to navigate with all these many tools that are available on the market. Are you spending hours creating a video, asking yourself every time: how to cut a video clip or trim any video storyboard precisely? How to customize font, color, text? How to adjust the background music, mute the voice-over sound or adjust the sound volume? If you are wondering about these questions or dream of an intuitive, smart and user-friendly online video editor, FlexClip might be your best choice. But what is FlexClip? This article will introduce this tool, its features and its price, along with a summary of customer reviews.

Overview of FlexClip


FlexClip is very easy to use. The intuitive and neat interface lets you follow your inspiration to achieve incredible creations. FlexClip gives you innovative and powerful capabilities to create videos that engage viewers and tell a real story. It makes it possible without the need to download additional software to your computer or learn in-depth editing skills. FlexClip gives you a streamlined and intuitive user experience that makes creating and sharing videos easier than ever. Let’s make it clear, this free online video editor responds to a demand that exists: on social networks, studies show that a post with a video has much more visibility. Besides, if you want to share photos of a trip with your family or friends, rather than sending a file of images, you can make a fancy and free video using the Free Slideshow Maker offered by FlexClip.


Features of FlexClip

Like other known video editing software, FlexClip Video Maker offers all the classical features. Rather than a long speech, here is a non-exhaustive list of the features provided by FlexClip Video Maker:

  • Supporting Free Screen recorder, Slideshow maker, Video compressor, video, Video converter
  • Cropping, trimming, zooming, merging videos
  • Adding music, texts, voiceover, transactions, filters
  • Adjusting the aspect ratio of videos
  • Customizing logo and watermark
  • Adjusting video resolution
  • Mixing the images and videos
  • Adding preset royal-free photos and videos from Media library
  • Adjusting the speed

Price of FlexClip

There are four plans for you to pick. Everyone can use it for free. You can export a 480p video by using the free plan. There are three different premium plans. You can pay monthly or annually. The basic plan starts at $ 4.99 / month or $ 59.88 / year. You can get access to 720P HD downloads,  a custom watermark and no FlexClip intro. As for the Plus plan, it starts at $ 7.99 / month or $ 95.88 / year. It entitles you to Full HD 1080P downloads, processing up to 200 projects, a personalized watermark and no FlexClip intro. With the Business plan, unlimited stocked videos are accessible. The price is $19.99/month or $239.88/year.

Summary of customer reviews

FlexClip users are happy with being able to process and create all types of videos. Thus, they can create personal contents (birthday, wedding, etc.) and quickly post them on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or others. For companies, videos created on this online software are beneficial as they help boost sales and increase traffic. In short, this software is an excellent and super simple video editor. Even users who have used it for the first time are not disappointed. The quality of the videos is excellent and the features are multiple to customize the videos effectively. Voiceover, background music or watermark. All of this is available for free.

To sum up

In my opinion, FlexClip Video Maker will suit most people who want to make a fancy video quickly and easily. This software is practical and easy to use because it also allows you to create slide shows in addition to video editing. People and companies will find this software an excellent ally for quickly creating quality contents. Do not hesitate to leave your feedback and comments.

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