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Accurate Reviews appreciates and encourages guest blogging, as well as people who, out of passion or profession, want to write articles to be read by a different audience or to increase authority or simply help build new relationships.
Conversely, our readers can take advantage of content, ideas, knowledge, curiosities, points of view or experiences of other writers who have the pleasure of sharing articles with a specific theme.
Each “guest post” must be previously reviewed by our editorial staff before each publication.
We do not provide guarantees or deadlines on the online publication of guest posts sent to us. Each text sent will be evaluated at the discretion of the editorial staff who may revise and modify it according to criteria deemed appropriate by them.
Accurate Reviews gives you the opportunity to report guest writer credits and possibly a nofollow link to your site to be placed at the end of the guest post.
Accurate Reviews is committed to publishing articles and software reviews daily, despite this, it publishes numerous guest articles and software reviews without asking for any money in return.
The only request we make for the guest post is to obtain a dofollow link to Accurate Reviews in order to increase its popularity on the web and increase the indexing value towards search engines.

Basic conditions for writing a guest post on

  • The subject matter and the genre must be in line with the content presented on such as: software reviews, technology and software updates
  • The article must be original and unique, so the same article must not be published online somewhere else
  • There must be no disreputable terminology, insults, rude phrases, pornography, political opinions and must not cause offense to any person. Furthermore, advertising to companies as well as sponsorship of products or services apart from the software or product examined in the content is prohibited
  • Each article must be written correctly, both in the lexical form and in the exposition and must have a good quality of copy writing
  • The subject matter is at your own discretion, as long as it related to our business.
  •  It doesn’t have to be an advertisement to your blog or website
  • The article cannot contain more than one external backlink and it will be insert by us with nofollow attribute.


  • Try to talk about content or news not already mentioned on Accurate Reviews and to be original, therefore we recommend you to take a look at our articles already published
  • Also insert an image as a cover for your article, and possibly other images inside the article
  • Use external links and citations to sources. Internal links to Accurate Reviews are highly appreciated.
  • Check the spelling carefully and take maximum care of the quality of the content as well as the exposure
  • Try to be engaging and not very long winded in order to attract your readers as much as possible
  • Use the tags and keywords that can help you indexing your website on search engines, as well as attract users who are really interested in the topic
  • Once the article is published, share it on your social networks to let your readers know about it


Now that you have read all the rules for creating a good guest post in Accurate Reviews, you are ready to write your article, engage and attract your audience. All you have to do is send it to us directly by writing here.