Pharmacy management software

  • Pharmacy management software optimizes and simplifies manual operations such as prescription processing, thus allowing retail and hospital pharmacy staff to focus more on the patient and his needs.
    The Accurate Reviews experts have included in this list all the reviews relating to the best pharmacy management software, describing their features and analyzing their pros and cons.

    1 Winpharm

    Winpharm is a pharmacy management software designed to help dispensaries, independent and long-term care (LTC) pharmacies, doctors and hospitals manage billing, sales, purchases, prescriptions, refills and more still. It allows users to create custom eCare plans, define goals, assess issues, and set up follow-up alerts for patients.

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    2 VIP Pharmacy

    Vip Pharmacy is a pharmacy management software that helps staff members manage medication reordering, customer accounting, data backup and more on a centralized platform. It comes with an integrated DEA and NPI national medical database, which streamlines the prescription verification process.

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    3 Ecp emar

    Ecp emar is an electronic medication record platform designed to help pharmacies, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation centers manage new orders, document follow-up, risk mitigation processes and more. The mobile app allows medical professionals to view patient information, add notes or observations and access medication information as needed.

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    4 Liberty Software

    Liberty Software offers a pharmacy management solution that mainly comprises three integrated modules: pharmacy management, POS, and multi-store management module. It allows you to design your own workflow and configure rules for various prescription checks. Store managers can send alerts for reload reminders or delivery notifications to their customers.

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    5 ZibMEDS

    ZibMEDS is a cloud-based software designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage customer orders and streamline administrative operations on a centralized platform. The platform allows pharmacists to receive prescriptions uploaded by consumers and add medications to their orders accordingly.

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    6 SRS Pharmacy Systems

    SRS Pharmacy Systems is a pharmacy management system designed to help pharmaceutical companies manage prescriptions, workflow setup, debit or credit card processing, barcode scanning and other administrative operations on a centralized platform.

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    7 Intelligent Medical Software

    IMS (Intelligent Medical Software) developed by Meditab Software is a pharmacy management solution that includes applications for e-prescribing, practice storage, a patient portal and communication tools that can be adapted to various practice sizes and types.

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    8 GoFrugal

    GoFrugal is a Point of Sale (POS) billing software that consists of a range of retail, restaurant and distribution solutions for multiple industries. The Cloud POS solution is accessible from anywhere via any device, benefiting from online and offline functionality thanks to data synchronization.

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    9 Medeil

    Medeil is an end-to-end pharmacy ERP solution that helps pharmacies and retailers effortlessly address their various business needs and quickly achieve smooth growth. This fully integrated and all-inclusive cloud-based pharmacy software allows you to manage various aspects of your business using the latest technologies and features.

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    10 FrameworkLTC

    The FrameworkLTC platform is a fully integrated, scalable solution automates manual tasks so LTC pharmacies can focus on what matters most: improving patients' lives.

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