Marketplace management software

Best-rated 2024 marketplace management software

  • Marketplace management software supports anyone who wants to create and manage an ecommerce website, offering numerous features that automate orders, payments, catalogs, shopping cart and much more.
    Accurate Reviews experts have included all the reviews related to the best programs to manage a marketplace, describing their features and analyzing their pros and cons.

    1 DelivApp

    DelivApp is an on-demand delivery management platform that allows logistics companies, restaurants and kitchens to manage deliveries efficiently. Teams using this application can process and distribute orders, receive alerts and track carriers in real time.

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    2 Auction Software

    Auction Software is an online buying and selling tool and auction platform designed for beginners and professionals alike. Accessible via the web and its mobile apps, the solution helps users configure their online marketplace by providing features created for different types of auctions which are reverse, forward, penny and silent action.

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    3 Sharetribe

    Sharetribe is a cloud-based platform for small and medium-sized businesses, which helps companies create and manage a customized online marketplace. It allows users to list various goods or services and earn commission income on each transaction.

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    4 Oorjit

    Oorjit is an e-commerce platform that offers users lots of engaging merchant-customer solutions, allowing them to engage the right audience easily and effectively. Each solution is built to provide companies with tools that meet specific sets of needs and requirements.

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    5 Jungle Scout

    Jungle Scout is the leading all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon. The solution's powerful data-driven technology helps entrepreneurs and brands build successful Amazon businesses through product research, market insights, brand and ad management capabilities, and more.

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    6 Canibuild

    Canibuild is a cloud-based solution that helps small and large construction companies manage projects, documents, leads, price catalogs and more. It allows builders to search for properties across Australia, analyze the municipal regulations in the area and prepare a plan to build residential complexes, swimming pools or apartments.

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    7 MarketBox

    MarketBox helps service companies with mobile or virtual workforce to scale and grow with the sales and planning e-commerce platform. The software allows a company to manage all customer sales, service provider availability, travel zones, travel time and payment processing via the customizable online sales tool.

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    8 Shuup

    Shuup offers a white label solution, which allows managers to create a custom marketplace with their business's logo, color, templates, landing pages, fonts and branding themes. Features include data migration, cross-sell/up-sell, automatic notifications, geolocation, tax management and more.

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    9 Dokan

    Dokan is a multi-vendor plugin for WordPress designed to help suppliers customize stores and manage product inventory on a unified platform. The tool can be used with any theme that supports WooCommerce, allowing teams to build a multi-vendor marketplace based on individual needs.

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    10 CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

    CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an open source self-hosted marketplace software for creating online stores similar to eBay and Etsy. In the solution, independent sellers showcase their products in a shared showcase and have their own admin panels.

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