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Top 2024 towing software

  • Very useful for companies that deal with road assistance and for those who manage towing operations are towing programs that automate and simplify these processes.
    In this guide we have included the best towing software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Towbook

    Towbook is a web-based towing software with native iOS and Android apps that offers dispatch, impound, billing and accounting capabilities. The program can be used by companies serving individuals, body shops, car clubs, police departments and more.

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    2 AUTOsist

    AUTOsist is a fleet tracking and maintenance software that provides companies with a single, centralized platform from which to track and manage fuel and maintenance records. The program provides users with a central web-based portal for the effective management of fleet reports.

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    3 Cetaris

    Cetaris is a maintenance management software designed to help companies in transportation, distribution, construction and other industries manage inventories, fleets and vendor communications through a unified platform. It enables managers to approve purchase orders, measure return on investment (ROI) and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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    4 GPS Insight

    GPS Insight is a GPS tracking software for commercial or government fleet-based companies, large or small. It is a cloud-based solution with an intuitive and customizable dashboard that lets you know where your vehicles are at all times. With this program, administrators can identify unsafe driving habits, optimize routes and create activity reports to monitor employee productivity.

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    5 Omadi

    Omadi is a cloud-based solution for companies in the towing industry that covers dispatch, fleet and yard management, billing, customer relationship organization (CRM) and more. The ultimate goal is to help businesses manage their entire enterprise from a single system.

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    6 Husky Intelligence

    Husky Intelligence is a cloud-based system for field service companies that has tools to help users navigate the sales process, place work orders, submit calls and invoices. It also offers a module for creating custom reports. The scheduling and submission tool offers drag-and-drop selection and real-time submission capabilities.

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    7 MobiWork

    MobiWork is a robust, scalable and configurable mobile workforce solution for all small, medium and large companies, regardless of whether you need to organize a few or many employees in the field. The program has reached over 20,000 users in over 50 countries and multiple languages.

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    8 Dossier Fleet Maintenance

    Dossier is a fleet management and monitoring software for transportation companies. The solution provides a comprehensive overview of the fleet, including drivers, equipment and other assets. The software is scalable to fit fleets and equipment of all types and sizes.

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    9 Tracker Management Systems

    Tracker Management Systems is a business management and dispatch software for the towing and demolition industries. The system includes features for status tracking, locating, dispatching, billing, payment processing, document management and reporting.

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    10 High Point GPS

    High Point GPS is a fleet management and GPS tracking platform that allows operators to view the location of their vehicles in real time and interact with drivers using two-way communication tools. The app allows companies to send route information to drivers on their Garmin devices (a specialized GPS technology device) or on their mobile devices.

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