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Mirror Backup

protects you from data loss by continuously monitoring files and folders, and backing them up to the cloud, a network share, or local drive when they change. It does this in a background service that does not require a user to be logged in – perfect for company servers.


offers free cloud-based workforce management (WFM) software solutions that manage Employee Scheduling, Reporting, Tracking and Lone Worker Safety.

Image Upscaler by

This tool makes it super-easy for professionals and commoners to enlarge an image without compromising the quality. Powered by AI technology, this upscaler tool delivers high quality enlarged images every time. Upload any image upto 5 MB and less than 1200 x 1200 and get your ideal upscaled image right away.


offers many possibilities to any business, individual, and Freelancer and allows to attack the media with original creations.
DesignCap makes it possible to meet all expectations in terms of graphic design (Prospectus, flyers, posters, cards, invitation, etc.)
– The free Plan: with a limited number of actions
– Basic and Plus Plan: paying with an unlimited number of modules, icons, and models.