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2024 Best-rated email archiving solutions

  • Archiving emails is of crucial importance because it allows us, at any time, to restore messages and information that might otherwise be lost. Therefore, an email archiving program that automates the entire process of archiving and restoring business emails becomes essential.
    In this guide we have included the best email archiving software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.


    1 ContentCatcher

    ContentCatcher is a cloud-based email security solution for enterprise users to protect organizations of all industries and sizes from cyber threats. With artificial intelligence-based features to detect and defend against phishing, spam, malware, malicious URLs, infected attachments and more.

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    2 LeanMail

    LeanMail is an inbox solution to manage MS Outlook. With this solution you can instantly archive and find emails using a "smart" folder in combination with meta-tagging. It is a personal assistant for your inbox, turning Outlook into a multifunctional task list. This allows customization of Outlook to take notes and add deadlines to emails right in your inbox.

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    3 MailMeter

    MailMeter helps organizations manage email archiving, indexing, retrieval, eDiscovery and more through a unified dashboard. Search capabilities in the platform allow organizations to analyze emails sent or received by address, domain, custom terms, data range and attachments using Boolean logic or wildcard, fuzzy and proximity search methods.

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    4 Intradyn

    Intradyn's Email Archiving is cloud-based software designed to help securely archive emails and attachments for future reference. The platform allows organizations to capture, save, and index outgoing, incoming, and historical emails on mail servers and personal folders through a unified portal.

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    5 Aeternum

    Hornetsecurity's Aeternum is a cloud-based email archiving solution designed to help businesses that handle thousands of messages every day automatically and legally archive all of their communications, with compliance, transparency and audit capabilities, as well as tools for secure archiving, email search and retrieval, and more.

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    6 Enterprise File Archive

    Enterprise File Archive, from MessageSolution, is an automated solution that helps companies of all sizes manage electronic discovery and file archiving, in compliance with GDPR regulations. The platform enables users to streamline eDiscovery across multiple file and email systems, serving to optimize retention, restoration, data backup and more.

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    7 Colligo Email Manager

    Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 helps medium to large businesses using Microsoft 365, including SharePoint, capture emails and attachments from Outlook and store them in SharePoint with automatically applied metadata to ensure compliance and findability.

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    8 N-able Mail Assure

    N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution that helps you and your customers stay in control and protect inbound and outbound email using collective threat intelligence, 24/7 email continuity and long-term email archiving.

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    9 SilverSky Email Protection Suite

    SilverSky Email Protection Suite is a service that provides 24-hour monitoring of email systems in regulated industries such as retail, finance and health care. The program enables administrators to detect and correct targeted attacks, longline phishing or spear phishing.

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    10 12d Synergy

    12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration solution for working more collaboratively and less chaotically, without the usual guesswork, rework and risk. It's about simplifying the way your offices work and collaborate by creating a common data environment and a single source of truth.

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