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Top 2024 home healthcare programs

  • Home healthcare services are essential and must be provided to people who are not self-sufficient or in vulnerable situations. There are programs that automate some financial, clinical, billing aspects making this work easier. In this guide we have included the best home healthcare software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Rosemark

    Rosemark is a cloud-based home health care management software that allows care providers to organize clients, billing, payroll, staff communications, compliance, data security and more. Caregivers can use the platform to accept or decline shifts, review schedules and access customer care notes in an online portal.

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    2 Hubstaff

    Hubstaff is a time tracking software with features such as screenshots, activity tracking, automated payroll, advanced reports, real-time monitoring and GPS with both online and offline tracking capabilities. Also available for Apple, Windows, Linux and iOS. It integrates with over 30 popular tools such as Trello, Asana, Slack and PayPal.

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    3 Hospice Tools

    Hospice Tools EMR offers the professional tools inpatient facility teams need: intelligent care planning, intuitive charts, automated compliance, super-fast IDG, eSigning and bulk dashboard loading, mobile apps, customizable forms and reports, and more to help teams in this industry.

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    4 CareSmartz360

    CareSmartz360 is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based solution that manages every aspect of your home care business such as medical testing, EVV, automated billing, scheduling, custom reporting, training, user retention, human resources, telephony, mobile app solution and more.

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    5 Radekal

    Radekal is an electronic health record (EHR/EMR) solution created to simplify the process of recording patient exams and automatically generate history and physical exam (H&P) notes. The system is designed to reduce the time it takes clinicians to perform and document patient exams by simplifying the data entry process.

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    6 Optima Hospice

    Optima Hospice is a cloud-based EMR and billing solution with capabilities for clinical charting, billing, data management, CAP and QAPI reporting and more. The solution provides facility-specific workflow and compliance-based alerts to ensure documentation is complete and billing requests are accurate.

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    7 ContinuLink

    ContinuLink is an online home health care solution that helps inpatient facilities, pediatrics and private service centers manage multiple lines of business. The solution is used by various agencies in the United States to streamline clinical operations and manage financial processes.

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    8 Team on the Run

    Team on the Run (TOTR) is a communication platform for enterprise digital transformation. It tracks activities in real time, generates user-defined reports and adapts operational flow to improve efficiency and is available on PC and mobile device. The TOTR My Business digital workflow module, enables the digital transformation of your organization based on a secure, stable and well-proven business communication and collaboration platform.

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    9 Savii Care

    Savii Care is a cloud-based solution that meets the needs of healthcare providers, supervisors and home managers. The solution offers tools including point of care, patient billing and scheduling, accounting and more. It offers an onboarding process that allows departments to share client information.

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    10 AppointMate

    AppointMate is medical scheduling software designed to help businesses plan employee activities and view home care appointments. The platform allows managers to automatically match customer needs with the location, skills and availability of caregivers. Administrators can receive reminders about upcoming and overdue appointments on a unified interface.

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