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  • How to protect a PDF file with PDF Password Locker & Remover

    How to protect a PDF file with PDF Password Locker & Remover. Find out more about this online program with Accurate Reviews.   WHY SHOULD WE PROTECT PDF FILES? A myriad reasons exists if asked why password-protecting PDF files is important. Nevertheless, there are essentially two chief motives for limiting access to our PDF files: […]

  • How to convert FLAC audio to MP3 files with FLAC to MP3 Mac

    Simply convert audio file format with FLAC to MP3 Mac, extract audio from a video and create FLAC files from lossless raw audio formats like WAV or AAC. Raw data and quality lossless audio formats such as WAV, AIFF or FLAC will indeed take up users’ data storage space. For those who like to listen […]

  • Email marketing campaigns: platforms and startegies

    All of us are pretty sure of what email marketing is about. But what is a squeeze page? Moreover, do all the newsletters that we sent comply with the European GDPR regulation? Do we spend enough time taking care of the mailing list? Let’s do a little review.   What is email marketing? The definition […]

Latest Accu-Reviews

    • Screenster

      Screenster is a software developed to open the destination URL in a browser, capture every input and take a screenshot. It detects smaller changes in [...]

    • ScreenshotsCloud

      ScreenshotsCloud is a program to generate screenshots of high quality websites in a few seconds using a reliable CDN supported API service. Developed [...]

    • VideoProc

      VideoProc is a video editing software that can convert videos, audio files and DVDs into over 400 output formats, and uses full GPU acceleration, whic [...]

    • Snagit

      Snagit is a program developed by the TechSmith company to capture, edit and share images on your computer monitor. You can capture everything that is [...]

  • who-we-are

    Who we are

    We are a world-class team of software experts and our purpose is to shed light on the software field. We will contribute to the success of your job picking…

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  • What we do

     Accurate Reviews is the right service at the right moment. We help you search and find the right software for your needs. Our job is to review and suggest…

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  • What we offer

     If you’re a software house and your application or service is not listed on Accurate Reviews, please get in touch, we’ll set up the basic product sheet in…

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  • User reviews

    We encourage our users to write reviews about software. A custormer review could help someonelse choose the right software for every needs…

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  • Best Text editor

    • DroidEdit Pro

      It could happen. You might be sitting on the bus when you get hit by incredible idea for a game that will be as popular as Angry Birds. So you whip ou [...]

  • Best Email Marketing

    • eMailChef

      eMailChef chooses to play in the middle ground, making its debuts with all the features you expect from a professional email marketing service and put [...]

  • Best Landing page

    • OptimizePress

      After having reviewed so many landing page builders, most of which feature editor with problems and bugs, OptimizePress was like a breath of fresh air [...]

  • Best Instant messaging service

    • Slack

      The upcoming star of the tech world, lately, is Slack: everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s using it, and everyone’s an opinion about it. Fir [...]

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