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    • SPS Commerce

      SPS Commerce Fulfillment is a cloud-based EDI solution, core functionalities include order management, status tracking, invoice management and search [...]

    • Digiexam

      Digiexam is a platform designed to provide a secure and seamless digital examination experience for students and test takers. Widely used by teachers, [...]

    • ExaminLab

      ExaminLab is a screening test platform by Arca24 that identifies the best candidates and makes your hiring decisions fast, easy and free of bias. The [...]

    • Jazva

      Jazva is an all-in-one e-commerce management software designed for retailers and wholesalers looking to expand their business. The customizable softwa [...]

  • who-we-are

    Who we are

    We are a world-class team of software experts and our purpose is to shed light on the software field. We will contribute to the success of your job picking…

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  • What we do

     Accurate Reviews is the right service at the right moment. We help you search and find the right software for your needs. Our job is to review and suggest…

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  • What we offer

     If you’re a software house and your application or service is not listed on Accurate Reviews, please get in touch, we’ll set up the basic product sheet in…

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  • User reviews

    We encourage our users to write reviews about software. A custormer review could help someonelse choose the right software for every needs…

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  • Best CRM

    • Sellsy

      Sellsy is a CRM software that aims to grow your business by offering advanced digital tools that manage the administrative, business and relationship [...]

  • Best Influencer marketing platforms

    • Buzzoole

      Buzzoole is an influencer marketing software that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help digital agencies and businesses manage soc [...]

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