The best-rated web browsers of 2024

  • A “browser” is a program that allows you to browse the Internet and interact securely with all its web pages. To choose the right one, you should definitely focus on security, privacy and speed.
    In this guide we have included the best browsers, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is a secure cross-platform browser that offers powerful search capabilities that are advanced and fast. Based on Chromium, it offers users the power of Google Apps such as Google Pay, Google Assistant and Gmail to stay productive and work more efficiently.

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    2 Opera

    Protect online privacy and reduce trackers with Opera's secure web browser. Opera's free, unlimited VPN allows users to browse privately with a virtual IP address that helps users hide their location. Built-in ad blocking allows users to load pages quickly by automatically blocking annoying ads and cryptocurrency mining processes.

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    3 Safari

    Safari is the default web browser for Apple devices. With fast loading speeds, increased energy efficiency and built-in privacy protection, Safari is a leading web browser when it comes to efficient and secure browsing.

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    4 PhantomJs Cloud

    PhantomJs Cloud is a crash-proof cloud-hosted browser. Easy to use and requiring no installation. Web service that uses Chrome to make your web pages less heavy written in javascript such as HTML, PDF, JPEG, PNG or JSON. It offers a simple, well-documented, HTTP-based API that allows you to request and get your pages from any programming language.

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    5 Firefox

    Firefox is a web browser that offers users lightning-fast speed and web browsing tools while keeping your privacy safe. Designed to collect as little information as possible by automatically blocking most trackers.

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    6 Brave

    Brave is a secure web browser that provides IPFS integration to load content quickly and implement total web security, significantly improving browsing experiences. The solution is designed to block malicious ads and trackers across the board, loading major news sites up to six times faster than other web browsers.

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    7 Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for the Microsoft operating system. Designed to give users total control over their browsing experiences, allowing users to monitor performance, compatibility and speed. For browsing protection, Microsoft Edge automatically blocks trackers to help users protect privacy and online data.

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    8 Tor Browser

    Tor Browser is a private online browser designed to help companies and individuals prevent unwanted third parties from watching their Internet activities. The system allows teams to protect their identity and maintain anonymity online by running their traffic through three separate servers before sending it to its destination.

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    9 Avast Secure Browser

    Avast Secure Browser is a private browser that allows users to easily manage security and privacy settings, ensuring smooth and safe browsing experiences. With built-in anti-publication technology and Avast Antivirus functionality, the browser protects users' information and devices from threats from malicious websites and hackers.

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    10 Vivaldi Browser

    Vivaldi Browser is a cross-platform browser that provides robust customization controls to help users create the browser they want. It allows users to open any website in a split-screen panel, classify, group and display tabs in two-tier stacks, and customize the theme and appearance of the browser.

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