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Best-rated 2024 email signature software

  • The email signature is increasingly popular and is one of the main communication channels in both the business and personal worlds. It is simple to insert and can be accessed at any time as long as you have an Internet connection and a suitable mobile device.
    In this guide we have included the best email signature software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Opensense

    Opensense is a cloud-based email marketing solution for managing marketing campaigns using digital signatures and custom banners. The signature management feature allows users to manage multiple brands through sender segmentation, formatting, A/B testing, automatic version updates and more.

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    2 Signitic

    Signitic allows you to centrally manage your company's email signatures. You can group people into departments and send a strategic email signature that obviously has all the custom contact information, but most importantly a link, banner or call to action to a campaign or promotion you want users to know about.

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    3 Letsignit

    Letsignit is an email signature software designed to help companies create, manage and assign signatures with targeted marketing banners to employees using various customizable templates in Office 365 and Google Workspace applications. Administrators can check or edit coordinates, preview signatures before sending and measure return on investment (ROI) by collecting clicks on a centralized platform.

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    4 Sigilium

    Sigilium is an email signature software designed to manage all of your company's signatures very easily. Benefit from synchronizing email signatures across your messaging services (Gmail, Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird). Ensure graphic consistency across all email exchanges. From the dashboard, as an administrator, you can create and distribute communications.

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    5 Email Signatures for Office 365

    With CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 you can centrally manage organization-wide email signatures, legal statements, automated responses and email marketing campaigns. It is a cloud service, which means all email apps and devices (including mobile and Mac) are supported.

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    6 Rocketseed Email Signatures

    Rocketseed Email Signatures is an email signature software that meets the needs of both IT and marketing. Centrally creates and controls signatures on the brand. Simple to implement, 100% secure, optimized for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange. Open up endless promotional opportunities with email banner marketing campaigns on every message sent.

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    7 Exclaimer Cloud

    Exclaimer Cloud is an email signature management solution that enables companies to create and manage custom signatures for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and Microsoft Exchange. Users can design professional email signatures for multiple departments using various HTML, text, images and templates.

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    8 Nola

    Nola is an automated dialing solution designed to help call centers communicate with customers through various methods, including outbound or inbound calls, text messages, email, live chat and more. It enables sales teams to analyze customer journeys by targeting leads or customers and creating strategic plans.

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    9 StampyMail

    StampyMail is a web-based platform for creating, managing and distributing an organization's email signatures centrally, quickly and intuitively from any PC or mobile device. It integrates with any email solution (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, GMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Exchange).

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    10 Oneflow

    Oneflow is a digital contract and signature management solution designed to make the entire contract lifecycle, from creation to signing and archiving, a smooth, fully digital process. By combining creation, negotiation, signature and management tools into a single platform, Oneflow allows companies to reduce contract processing time, minimise errors and improve transparency and traceability.

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