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Best-rated 2024 data quality software

  • Accurate data management programs are essential to ensure a company’s data entry and accuracy, and most importantly, they allow you to reduce time and costs while increasing productivity.
    In this guide, we have included the best data quality software, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Segment

    Segment is a customer data management and analytics solution that helps you make sense of customer information from multiple sources. The app integrates with hundreds of other apps, pulling data from these apps into a single platform. It also pulls data from your websites and devices like cell phones, tablets, browsers, smartwatches, iBeacons, point-of-sale logs, and TVs.

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    2 ebCard

    ebCard is a cloud-based contact data quality platform that helps companies manage information and leads from multiple sources and verify the quality of this data. It connects to third-party marketing, CRM and sales tools to facilitate data transfer and synchronization.

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    3 Autopilot

    Autopilot is a data quality software that allows you to trigger marketing activities based on user behavior and events, such as updating your contact list and sending a personalized email once a form is submitted. This will allow you to engage your customers and contacts with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

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    4 AddressFinder

    AddressFinder provides reliable and accurate address solutions for business owners who want to improve their website forms and cases or clean up their address database. This platform offers auto-completion, address verification, and other address solutions such as geocoding in Australia and New Zealand.

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    5 DataRocket

    DataRocket is a multi-domain data management solution that helps organizations maintain data quality and simplify sharing. Key features include data cleansing, data migration, workflow management, data organization and reporting.

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    6 eTEAM

    eTEAM is a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) platform that helps companies organize assets such as product data, images, web publications and layouts for marketing and communication purposes. Features include step management, data archiving, performance monitoring, document encryption and collaborative workspace.

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    7 Open Bridge

    Open Bridge is an on-premise and cloud-based data quality software that provides companies with tools to mine, collect and integrate business data on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to plan operational workflows, manage and configure access permissions for specific individuals.

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    8 Rulex

    Rulex helps people and organizations make the best possible decisions by perfectly matching transparent data-driven knowledge with human experience. The platform can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without typing a line of code. The app helps customers around the world improve operational and decision-making processes using data-driven insights.

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    9 Echobot

    Echobot is a cloud-based solution designed to help companies of all sizes automate their sales and marketing processes. The software enables organizations to digitize all sales processes, from planning and distribution to lead management and post-sales support.

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    10 Melissa Data

    Melissa Data is a provider of identity verification and contact data quality services. The technology helps companies throughout the entire data quality lifecycle with capabilities that help profile, review, update, match and improve information assets. Through these tools, users can improve communications, increase marketing and sales, and generate analytics needed for effective decision making.

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