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Think Exam is an online exam platform that allows businesses, educational institutions, and government organizations to create and conduct assessments for candidates and students. Users can create tests by defining the name, evaluation scheme, time limit or guidelines for the exam, preview finished models before final selection and include additional tools such as timer displays or calculators. Think Exam allows you to add images, subsections, math equations or multilingual questions to your assessments. Administrators can create custom candidate profiles, group students for similar courses, and export data in Excel format for future reference. Users can also upload custom questionnaires or use the centralized repository to select various question types such as multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blanks, essay and more.


Let’s look together at the tutorial showing the demo of this online exam software:


  • Question bank: manage an unlimited archive of 9 question variations to create personalized assessments and quizzes. Offers detailed description, level of difficulty using different formatting styles of the questions created. Use images, provide complex math equations, multilingual support, etc …
  • Candidate management: add and import candidates, group similar applicants, easily assign tests to candidates to have a consistent track and monitor candidate performance
  • Test creation: value-added test settings and multiple assignment options. Anti-cheat protection tools along with customization for creating hybrid tests and quizzes
  • Optimal reporting system: advanced assessment and analysis tools that provide detailed clarity on the grades obtained in each subject, section, test and more. This will provide an in-depth view of the associated candidate scorecards and performance
  • Security: highly secure content stream on this exam software. Secure multiple payment gateways with enabled notification channels. Custom SSL certificates with reliable and tested IP functionality
  • Mobile app: Android and iOS platforms that ensure great performance and synchronized support for your smartphone devices.


Think Exam is an online exam solution that integrates with payment gateways such as PayPal, PayU, CCAvenue, and Paytm to facilitate transactions. The program also helps users assign tests to a particular group of candidates, share test links via email and generate customizable certificates with student names, company logos, date of issue and digital signature of the authority.

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