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2023 Top SMTP Server Reviews List

When it comes to email marketing, it’s necessary to choose the right SMTP server, especially with a bulk email software. The right SMTP can guarantee you the highest delivery rate but choose wisely because the wrong one can scathe your reputation.

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    Online activities are possible thanks to protocols or the networking guidelines and rules that allow your computer to connect to networks. You need protocols even for sending emails: SMTP is part of the TCP/IP protocol, and it sends your emails across networks working with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA).

    What does SMTP stand for and what does it do?

    The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a delivery protocol that allows an email to reach its recipients avoiding spam filters and spam traps. It does so use a protocol to put in communication two different servers: the one from which the account that’s sending the email is located and the one with the account that’s receiving the email. In a way, SMTP is your digital era’s postman.

    Why are SMTP Servers Important For Email Marketing?

    When it comes to email marketing, it’s necessary to choose the right SMTP server: you can’t send a bulk email adopting an ordinary Gmail or Yahoo free SMTP server because they put a limit of recipients per email. You need a professional, outgoing server build to handle mass mailings without delivery problems thanks to relays: an SMTP relay is the delivery of an email to another server through a trusted third party by an outgoing mail server.

    Top 7 SMTP Servers

    To send out transactional emails, newsletters, direct email marketing campaigns and bulk emails, you’ll need the best SMTP service that asks authentication of clients by credentials and relies on secure IPs to maximize your deliverability, replacing them if blacklisted. Take a look at our reviews and choose the best solution for your business needs.

    1 TurboSMTP

    TurboSMTP is a user-friendly and reliable SMTP server that guarantees a controlled IP and maximizes the deliverability of your direct email marketing, transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and bulk email sends.

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    2 SparkPost

    SparkPost is one of the new players in the SMTP and transactional email service market. Born in 2014, it became popular quickly and recently took advantage of the user migration from Mandrill.

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    3 AuthSMTP

    AuthSMTP is another little known but good outgoing SMTP email service that can be used to send emails from any software, service, device and application can authenticate with a username and password.

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    4 SMTPProvider

    SMTPProvider is a cloud-based email delivery platform that offers easy-to-use solutions for email deliverability, scalability and reliability needs. Serving large, mid-sized, and even small enterprise clients, the service assures low rate of spam due to reputation as White Hat sender.

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    5 is a SMTP relay and email marketing platform, all in one. If you’re looking for a reliable SMTP server, they provide you with different solutions for your needs, included transactional emails and plans that fit perfectly into your high volumes mailings

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    6 JangoSMTP

    JangoSMTP is another transactional email delivery service that offers many features. Designed for freelancers, small and midsize business, JangoSMTP provides tracking and authentication to email functionalities

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    7 PostMark

    Postmark is an SMTP service that has all the basic features you’ll need to be sure your communications (newsletter, transactional emails) will be delivered as you expect them to be, but in some aspects clearly falls short of its more seasoned competitors.

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