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2017 Top Spam Filters Popular Apps

We have all been through that magic moment in which our email client fetch some new emails; we have a peek, and we find we received only a bunch of unsolicited messages. Let’s be honest: we have all been through this, and it sucks.

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    But unsolicited emails are the lesser trouble, here, because very often we receive junk messages, phishing attempts and plain and simple threats. We all know somebody that got his Gmail hacked because he clicked on some weird link, or had her PC wrecked by a trojan virus that came as a simple PDF attachment.

    So even in 2016, it’s a wise choice to install a spam filter. It’s a simple move that will substantially cut the daily spam ratio in your inbox. Of course, there’s no such thing as a flawless system to keep you safe from spam: but there are much software that will kill the great majority of spam emails you receive every day.

    A thing you have to consider when you search for the best spam filter to use is that even if you’re headed for a software that had no major update for the last few years: in almost all cases the database they pick from to determine filters and rules to apply is in a constant flux of updates. Sometimes crowdsourced, other times from a much official source, but always up to date to all the most recent trend and threats.

    So help yourself and have a look at this seemingly out-of-time category, maybe you’ll find something unexpected.

    1 SPAMfighter

    SPAMfighter provides one of the best spam filtering software solutions for your email client. This software offers not only a reliable anti-spam but also an anti-phishing protection system able to automatically remove unsolicited emails overflowing your inbox.

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    2 Cloudmark DesktopOne

    Cloudmark DesktopOne is another great spam filter software capable of competing with SPAMfighter. Cloudmark DesktopOne provides a system for filtering the spam slightly different from competitors one.

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    3 SpamBully

    SpamBully offers an efficient spam filter for your email client. Supporting Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and IMAP emails, it offers advanced filter options to keep clean your inbox.

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    4 MailWasher Pro

    Amongst a multitude of spam filters apps and software, MailWasher Pro stands out for its effectiveness in eradicating spam and dangerous mail. As you can imagine from a professional tool, it works with a wide variety of email accounts, and many email clients.

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    5 CleanMail

    CleanMail offers a good spam filter software able to protect your emails from viruses and malicious code. The software is able to monitor every message you receive, and when a menace is found, CleanMail blocks it to prevent you from open it.

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