Best Time Management Software

2020 Top Time Management User Guide

Time is money, especially if you run a business and every detail costs you money. You can try to avoid wasting capital keeping an eye on how time is spent by your employees. Thanks to time management software and time tracking applications is possible to record time spent on specific tasks increasing productivity and understanding what leads to waste.

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    Time management software is a solution adopted by many industries, from small business to large enterprises, to better manage employees’ time, to let human resources analyze data and to generate invoices to bill customers by hour. Even freelancers can benefit from billing per hour and project tracking features making the job easier to manage.

    You’ll find many similar software, but sometimes time management works in sync with time tracking apps that provides scheduling, absence management, time and attendance, payroll, talent management, human resources, and labor analytics.

    What’s the kind of time management and time tracking software that is right for your needs? Time management and tracking software features may vary according to your business needs: you have to choose depending on your enterprise size, thinking about how employees work and how they record time. For small and mid-size business there are web-based and mobile time tracking and time management software offering you a wide choice of features on different levels. You may save money taking advantage of the hardware you already have: most of the software options are accessible through a computer or a mobile phone.

    If your employees work in a variety of project changing locations, you may need a software able to track different projects and to send invoices. Every software offers an administrative portal for you and your supervisors to manage time-off requests, scheduling deadlines and set up pay rules.

    Small to mid-size businesses can profit from software that offers an upfront package price that includes limited software licenses, or a monthly subscription fee. Sometimes you must pay for training and setups.

    It’s crucial to learn to use time tracking and time managements software with care because you can’t spy on your employees, fail their trust or potentially ruin a productive work environment with an oppressive and bad control on time spent working.

    1 RescueTime

    RescueTime is another of the many applications that help you tracking your spent time, but it's an excellent one. Time management and tracking apps allow you to be more productive.

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    2 TSheets

    TSheets is one of the easiest time tracking system out there. You can use it directly via web browser, but a mobile app will help you if you work on the go or off-site.

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    3 Fanurio

    Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

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    4 TimeClock Plus

    TimeClock Plus is an excellent time and attendance system designed for organizations since 1988. The product comes in different versions for every size of business, and it allows to track real-time employee labor controlling unnecessary overtime.

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    5 Harvest

    Harvest is one of the most famous independent time tracking and invoicing service in the industry. It’s a web application, so you can use it from wherever you are, and there’s nothing to install.

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    6 Klok

    Klok is a based on to-dos time management software with a familiar calendar-like display. Inspired by how you ”fill-up” your day with work, Klok shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days very much like your calendaring application works.

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    7 Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is a collaboration time tracking software that allows you to getting more done in less time.

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    8 TimeForce

    In the time and attendance tracking software landscape, we can find TimeForce by Infinisource. Advisable for small business to large enterprises, the software allows you to monitor and schedules your employees performances, processing payrolls if you need it.

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    9 Attendance Enterprise

    Attendance Enterprise is a time tracking software that manages employee labor and saves time and money.

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    10 Replicon TimeAttend

    Replicon TimeAttend is a good cloud-based time tracking solution. This time management software easily captures time and attendance data for accurate payroll processing, labor law compliance, and insight into workforce productivity.

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