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If you require to manage mailing lists and send mass newsletter mailings, SendBlaster may be the right solution for your business needs. SendBlaster is indeed the best free bulk email software and mass email marketing program among competitors. Who thinks that bulk email software is a dead market must change its mind: the stigma of unsolicited advertising bombing users forced the email marketers to change point of view. Since web 1.0, the only legal and valid way to run bulk email marketing is to send emails only to customers who allowed you to through opt-in mailing lists.

All you need to do is include an unsubscribe link to let users cancel newsletter subscription. SendBlaster will help you simplify all the email marketing process, allowing you to communicate with your customers sending personalized bulk e-mails to your mailing list database.



This bulk email software boasts an easy to use interface thanks to a clear dashboard showing shortcuts to most common tasks. Opening the software you can see quick tips for novice users and the features’ list: “compose a new message”, “send your message now/later”, “analyze your campaign”, “manage your contacts”, “find duplicates”, “import/export”, “filter your contacts”, “define a blacklist”, “personalize your database”, “protect your data”, “customize your SendBlaster”, “use plug-ins”.


Getting started with your email marketing campaign is a matter of minutes: all you need is importing your contact lists from Outlook, Access, Excel, or a CSV file. It’s best to rearrange contacts through multiple lists to establish a particular audience: SendBlaster makes it quick and straightforward to categorize customers, contacts, and leads into distinct groups thanks to customizable filters. The data filter system is very advanced and allows you to send emails to a particular subgroup of contacts based on the contents of one or more fields. You don’t need any complex database syntax thanks to the drag & drop solution.


Once lists are ready, you can design your email/newsletter choosing from 100 professionally designed free templates SendBlaster offers. It’s possible to tailor templates or write plain text mass email and newsletters thanks to the powerful WYSIWYG visual editor. Resize and crop images, drag and drop elements, change text colors, insert unsubscribe links and social media: send out appealing email to make your communication effective is so straightforward every non-tech-savvy user will love it.

Personalize emails is crucial: SendBlaster makes easy to add each recipient name in the email subject and body thanks to the 15 customizable customer information fields. Don’t you know your contact name? The SendBlaster’s tag system will help you.

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To monitor how effective your email marketing campaign is you need a good reporting tool: SendBlaster integrates Google Analytics and TrackReports continuously updating you on customers actions (email open rate, click-through rate, product purchasing, email subscribing and much more). The software spam-check is solid.



SendBlaster website offers tutorials and articles to help you to start your email marketing campaign, manage contact lists and sending options. You can also find tips to avoid spam. If you need videos and how-to, you can easily find them in the software dashboard. Tech support is efficient, fast and it’s available via chat, Skype, phone, and Trouble Ticket System.


SendBlaster runs on your PC and doesn’t ask you to pay recurrently for every email you send out. You can profit from the free version; that offers all features but lets you send out a maximum of 100 emails per day. Purchasing the one lifetime license fee for the SendBlaster Pro Version, you can send all the emails you need. Pro license includes free customer support.


SendBlaster does what it promises growing your subscriber and customer base. It’s the most flexible bulk email software among competitors, making easier to create newsletters and manage lists quickly. One of SendBlaster’s main appeal is its intuitiveness, even for novice users. You can find every feature and how to use it in a glance because everything is simplified.

Usability: 9.8 /10 Speed: 9.5 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 9.5 /10 Pricing: 9 /10

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