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2017 Top Email Marketing Software User Guide

Here you’ll find our list of top email marketing software, which means programs you have to install on your computer. If you need to work on different platforms, or online, better check out our email marketing service page. Maybe you can pair your email marketing software with an external SMTP service.

  • Email Marketing Software

    With email marketing you can reach your audience (being your clients or user or friend, even): with the right software, it won’t be as difficult as it seems. You will grow your customer base, keeping your user updated on your works and latest news, and you’ll be able to make a connection on so many different levels. Please note that if you work in a team and you need to get the job done whether or not you’re at the office, you probably need an email marketing service: it will release you from most of the boundaries of a physical space.

    Keeping with an email marketing software, you can also couple it with an external SMTP service: so you can be sure that your newsletter will actually reach their recipients – and, depending on the service you choose, if they open it or no. You can find our best pick in the SMTP category page. At this link, you’ll find our email marketing software comparison, and here there is our software list.

    With an email marketing software, you can deploy the best advertising campaign and have the best return of investment. You can test your customers’ loyalty with intensive reporting and then refine your offer. Don’t know where to find the right solution? There are indeed many software available – with a lot of different tools and features, support options, price, ease of use – and each of these can truly help to create your email marketing strategy.

    Thanks to the abundance of solutions available, you can find the best one for you selecting it from a wide amount of similar packages. To make the right decision, all you need to do is to figure out the types of messages you want to send, the number of your contacts and estimate future growth. You’ll pay for a lifetime license, but sometimes you have to pay for extras (as live support or advanced options).

    All these services provide more or less the same basic tools – to import contacts, create a list, build the newsletter (with ready-made templates or WYSIWYG editors) and get stats reports – and many of these are very easy to use also for the novice marketers. Instead, some are more focused on visual design others instead on contact management.

    Talking about features, email marketing software give you many tools to create and monitor your campaigns. The vast majority of services offers:

    • sending and reporting features that provide reports and statistics (most of them through Google Analytics integration) about how your email campaign is doing (click, unsubscribing, bounce, unopened emails, etc.);
    • a data importing feature that lets you transfer data as CVS or Excel files into the software;
    • a contact management feature to supervise people in your lists, add, merge or export new lists or custom data fields, and segment contacts;
    • a campaign management feature to manage and execute email campaigns creating triggered campaigns, A/B split testing, create an alias email address and autoresponders, scheduling emails at a specific time and date, and using an autoresponder;
    • an email design tool that allows to develop email campaigns creating generic templates, formatting with HTML or plain text messages and adding to them images, social media buttons, surveys, links, etc.;
    • a templates category with different email templates ready to use;
    • a quality control tool that lets you send test emails, try the anti-spam checker on your campaign, create permission-based email lists only, and duplicate email checker;
    • learning materials to help you learn and master the product without the help of support: you may find FAQ, forum, video tutorials, glossary and blogs;
    • mobile support;
    • integration with third-party applications;
    • a support service will provide you assistance if needed through live chat and phone support for immediate responses.

    There are of course some email marketing software recommended for advanced professional use – for example in case you have to manage newsletter campaigns for a large business – and they are largely quite tricky if you are a beginner marketer. This kind of solutions became very useful to get more accurate stats from your sending and more features to create sophisticated campaigns and define a drip marketing strategy (set autoresponders, follow-up based on opens and clicks, filter and segment your lists to target particular groups).

    The email marketing software’ world is big and offers a lot of interesting solutions that suit your needs. The most important things you have to look for are a good usability and good deliverability. Other fundamental elements to make your choice is an excellent customer care option that works for you – 24/7 phone support, chat, forum, knowledge base or help tickets – and the specific features end integrations that can boost your business.

    1 SendBlaster

    If you require to manage mailing lists and send mass newsletter mailings, SendBlaster may be the right solution for your business needs. SendBlaster is indeed the best free bulk email software and mass email marketing program among competitors.

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    2 Gammadyne Mailer

    Gammadyne Mailer is a versatile tool to automate business email marketing. Its ability to process incoming email (such as sign-ups, opt-outs, and bounce-backs) make it a very interesting program for any kind of business want to boost the communication dealing with newsletters.

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    3 GroupMail

    GroupMail allows ny kind of business to create, send and manage bulk email newsletter and campaigns. You can store unlimited groups with unlimited contacts, automate subscriptions and opt-outs, and create emails through provided templates or HTML editor.

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    4 Thunder Mailer

    Thunder Mailer is a powerful mass email marketing software. Easy to install and use, will help you to manage your bulk email campaigns and to monitor their delivery.

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    5 SmartSerialMail

    SmartSerialMail is an advanced and reliable email marketing software that can successfully help you in sending bulk email to a large list of contacts, with no effort for you.

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    6 Atomic Mail Sender

    Atomic Mail Sender is a powerful and quite affordable desktop software that will helps you to manage and improve your business digital communication thanks its unlimited emails sending to any number of recipients and its useful features.

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    7 OpenEMM

    OpenEMM is a comprehensive enterprise software tool designed for professional bulk mail sending and email marketing.

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    8 Mailing List Studio

    Mailing List Studio is a desktop software for creating and efficiently managing your email marketing campaigns, above all if you need to send large quantities of mail to customers.

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    9 MaxBulk Mailer

    MaxBulk Mailer is an easy and convenient mass email software that lets you to reach huge numbers of clients or customers. Provides a simple interface to quickly create and send your mailing and quite good additional features such as scheduled sending, import/export of recipient lists and text-to-speech playback.

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    10 SenderMatic

    SenderMatic is a reliable, professional software to send bulk emails, newsletters and manage your contacts lists.

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