7 best offline messaging apps 

In case you don’t possess an internet connection all the time and have issues having a proper conversation. Don’t worry. After a proper research, we gathered seven top offline messaging applications you can use when there is no internet connectivity. These offline messaging applications employ mesh technology that will allow people to log in with one another when the internet is unavailable. The applications are also helpful during music festivals, sporting events, environmental catastrophes, international travel, and similar scenarios.

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Let’s first understand what mesh technology is all about.

What is mesh technology /network? 

It is a network technology in which every node is linked to every other node. You can interact without connecting to the internet when you have the same standalone messaging applications installed on your smartphone. This technology permits direct mentoring interaction and can distribute content to all adjacent devices.

Ultimately, it will use nodes to relay texts, including devices, by utilizing other endpoints as data transmission endpoints.

Best offline messaging applications 

1. Briar

Briar is an android offline messaging software that offers safe offline texting without needing mobile data or a WiFi connection. The software was created for activists, reporters, and anybody who wishes to communicate securely with family members and friends. Briar combines WiFi and Bluetooth connections to create a mesh network. The organization has focused on security, ensuring your messages stay private. 

2. Bridge

The bridge is a well-known offline messaging program that has grown considerably. It was the primary messaging app used among Hong Kong protesters to circumvent China’s internet censorship. It is also getting momentum in India, where it has become the primary means of communication for CAA demonstrators. The app employs the previously described Bluetooth mesh technology. 

3. Signal Offline Messenger

It is currently one of the top offline messaging programs on the market which employs WiFi-Direct networking rather than Bluetooth mesh networking, unlike Bridgefy. Messages can be sent one-to-one or in a community broadcast. You may send messages to one other within a 100-meter range using the app. 

The most significant thing is that Signal communications are completely confidential, and you can send text, voice, photo, and even video messages with them. The signal may be used in places with limited internet access, such as on a cruise ship, during a nature safari, during a music festival, or when traveling overseas when your data pack expires. It cannot be accessed on iOS, which is the only disadvantage.

4. Fire Chat 

Fire Chat is a fantastic offline messaging tool that provides free peer-to-peer chatting and can exchange text and photos. This software may be used without a data connection. The software will function on flights, public transit, cruise ships, universities, and packed events. The mesh network is safe, and no one will be able to see your communications. 

The most incredible thing about Fire Chat is that it employs Bluetooth and WiFi radios, resulting in better connections. However, its peer-to-peer communications range is limited to 200 feet, which is less than intended. However, if there are a variety of technologies in the vicinity, it’s more powerful.

5. Peer Chat 

Peer Chat seems to be another offline chat software for your iPhone. The app is not as renowned as most other applications on our list, but it performed just as well in texting as others. It employs the same mesh networking infrastructure supported by Bluetooth and WiFi radios to allow you to send messages to individuals in your immediate vicinity. It enables peer-to-peer as well as group broadcast messaging. Because every data transfer is encrypted and no data is logged, personal messages are protected not just from cybercriminals but also from the firm. 

6. Vojer

Whether you have an iPhone and seek offline texting software, Vojer is worth trying. The software builds a safe and dependable mesh network around you, allowing you to engage in anonymized mentoring segments and sub with your friends and coworkers. Whether camping in the mountains or traveling overseas, it can help you remain in touch with pals even if you don’t have access to the internet. The software allows for both text and photo messaging, which is fantastic. No one can read your messages because the connection is secure and anonymous.

7. Near Peer

Near Peer is the last offline messaging app in our compiled list and is exclusively compatible with android. The software employs WiFi radios to establish a mesh network to deliver messages to your peers. The software allows for both group and private communication. I like how you may send messages even when the receiver is out of range, and it will immediately communicate the news when they return. The program can sketch letters, which might be helpful in specific scenarios.


Considering the list of seven offline messaging applications mentioned above, it is clear that every particular of them is unique. Now you don’t have the internet connectivity problem while talking to someone. This is as simple as that. But sometimes due to connectivity issues, the apps keep o showing 4504 message not found which can be solved easily.

Going for the applications that suit your need and device the most is recommended. 

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