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MPOWR Envision is a cloud-based, strategic planning solution to streamline communication, strategy execution and collaboration among teams. Professionals can track staff progress, initiatives and other activities through real-time reports and receive updates or assignments via email.
Key features include breadcrumb navigation, reminders, a drag-and-drop interface, KPI visualization, email/push notifications, and customizable branding. It also allows users to view project summaries and track progress, using a color-coded ray graph providing detailed information about business processes.
In addition, professionals can add voice messages to progress notes and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) through the dashboard to improve decision-making processes within the organization. It helps team members interact via multiple communication platforms and share, access or view documents and other files according to individual requirements.



  • Easy Organizational Communication: the solution is one source of information and data. It collects data for you and give you real-time updates because you shouldn’t have to wait for quarterly or annual updates to make a cost-effective change.
  • Critical Success Factors (CSF): they are a way for you to track what is absolutely necessary in order for your organization to survive. The software has the ability to track CSFs and tie them back to different parts of your plan to keep your business looking and moving forward.
  • Build a Sense of Team: successful organizations get everyone involved, so that’s why the software is personalized for each user. Every user gets customized dashboards so they can track what’s most important to them. It also provides company progress notes, digests, employee tagging, and file storage.
  • A Manager’s Best Friend: allows managers to view the status of every action and who is working on what. You’ll be able to easily report and communicate the current status of your plan so employees can take action accordingly.
  • Align your team: with the program, each employee sees and understands how their individual or team actions align with the organization’s strategic plan. Users can also see the status of their work across the organization to understand dependencies and avoid redundant work. On top of that, it builds creativity through effective collaboration.
  • Multiple plans: the software can house any number of plans! Customers sometimes load a number of plans based on locations or business units. All plans can aggregate into a single dashboard.


MPOWR Envision, Agile project management software, facilitates integration with various third-party platforms including Slack, Google Docs, DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Feastures: 8 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 5 /10

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