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MicroMain is an asset management solution that enables companies in various industries to conduct maintenance operations throughout the life cycle of projects and processes. It can manage various facilities within an organization such as inventory, preventive and deferred management, activities and data. Features such as monitoring, preventive management, inspections and work orders make this solution configurable with different types of organizations. Thanks to its intuitive interface, MicroMain also satisfies a wide range of needs and requirements of companies through the rationalization of their operations, be they productive, health, recreational or educational, to have positive effects on the management of the life cycle of resources.


The tutorial explains how to easily manage the time of a business with this facilities management software:


  • Work Order Management: makes scheduling and tracking work orders a breeze. Assign and track labor, parts, tools, and other important information. Set priorities, due dates, and alerts to ensure all work is completed properly and on time
  • Preventive Maintenance: this will help you set up the best preventive maintenance plan possible. Establish consistent practices to improve the performance and safety of your equipment. Schedule regular maintenance tasks instead of constantly dealing with urgent repairs
  • Asset Management: allows you set up and track an unlimited number of assets and organize them into effective groups. Our software also offers a cloning feature to quickly duplicate asset records
  • Predictive Maintenance: allows you to take a proactive approach to your maintenance. Using trends and maintenance data stored in your CMMS, you will be able to accurately predict upcoming maintenance needs and address potential problems before they happen
  • Inventory management: automatically records changes in parts inventory levels as they are used. Reduce inventory carrying costs while still maintaining an adequate supply of the parts on hand. Receive alerts when the quantity drops below your set minimum
  • Workforce Tracking and Management: allows you to track the time it takes technicians to complete certain tasks. Over time, you will be able to automatically calculate the estimated time needed to complete certain tasks and measure how well technicians perform
  • QR code and barcode enabled: will automatically generate a unique QR code for every asset. You can print the QR codes and attach them to their corresponding asset. Using a QR code reader, you can scan an asset’s QR code and connect directly to the asset to request work orders.


MicroMain is a tool and maintenance management platform that is easy to set up and use. It performs a number of functions that help ensure the continuous improvement of the company’s workflows, processes and operations.

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