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Doctor Web Dr.Web Anti-virus

dr.web anti-virus

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows boasts an easy and user-friendly interface that’s great for novice users. Enhanced Dr.Web Process Heuristic technology protects against malicious attacks involving zero-day exploits.

The new technology Dr.Web ShellGuard blocks routes into the system: programs that exploit vulnerabilities (as rootkits, adware, spyware, dialers, jokes, hack tools, and riskware) and take advantage of flaws to get into your computer. The Dr.Web ShellGuard system scan and protects the most common applications installed on almost all computers running Windows: all popular web browsers, media players, system applications, MS Office applications (including MS Office 2016), and applications using flash, java, and pdf.

Thanks to the new technology, the Dr.Web Process Heuristic behavioural analyser can protect critical system areas from being modified by malware of all kind, detect and suddenly stop the execution of malicious, suspicious or weak scripts and processes. It’s also able to catch unwanted file modification preventing malicious objects from injecting their code into other processes, and detect and neutralise threats that have not yet been discovered and entered in the Dr.Web virus database.

To detect malicious actions, the software benefits from information stored by the anti-virus locally as well as reputation data from Dr.Web Cloud. Operations conducted by Dr.Web on PCs can be collected on the cloud with data about brand new threats, but Dr.Web Anti-Virus will protect the system even if it’s not connected to the Internet.

Dr.Web Antivirus offers support via phone, FAQ’s and Tutorials. You can choose from 1 month free trial with no registration required or 3 months free trial with registration required. A single Dr.Web Anti-Virus PC license for 12 months with technical support costs $32.99. You can benefit from a discount choosing a 2 or 3 years license.


Despite it’s not well-known amongst antivirus product users, you will be more than impressed: Dr.Web Anti-virus is quick, highly effective, and suitable.

Usability: 8.5 /10 Speed: 8.5 /10 Features: 8.5 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 8 /10

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  1. I have used Dr.Web for more than a Year ..Testing its feature set.

    Data Loss Prevention, ARP Blocking in addition to many other feature sets which also supports old windows operating system components such as floppy Disks, etc… also Keyboard spyware detection, is available. This sets apart from conventional antivirus products that are marketed.

    Regarding feature set, it is comprehensive than Kasperskey, but needs more development for the cloud based attacks due to its product not known at large and the cloud based connections of its servers are less. Therefore the time taken for threat analysis may be slow in some ways and means.

    If it could keep its present functionalities and then branch out to cloud based threat detention, analysis and prevention as a single and comprehensive solution for home and corporate users, its a clear competitor.

    Furthermore for android devices, its has in addition a firewall feature and unlimited VPN facilities with comprehensive web filtering, apart from SIM theft, Web and local antivirus detection, which are plus points. Recommended for it to include Blue tooth, protection, battery (power) protection, ARP Protection, Smishing Attack Protection with USSID Protection with antivirus (both web and local) periodic scanning and updating facility (which is at present in manual mode)

    Keep it up.


  2. Thanks to all Team Members at Doctor Web Support team @ EMQ Technologies – India
    I appreciate Mr. Bijoy for supporting lot on Dr. Web. Best support I ever find.


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