Doctor Web Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Review

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Doctor Web offers many antivirus solutions for every need. Talking about business use, Dr.Web Anti-Virus provides the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite software. This complete suite includes a single control center that facilitates the administration of the network security as well as protection components for all hosts and services on the corporate network including PCs, terminal server clients and embedded system clients, file servers and application servers, virtual servers, Internet gateways, mail servers, and mobile devices.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite provides reliable protection from most of the existing threats: a stable self-protection system leave no loophole for viruses and other malware to attack the protected environment. The built-in firewall included in the workstation protection will help prevent viruses from exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications controlling what installed programs are doing.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite lets companies optimize investment in expensive hardware thanks to the Flexible licensing system. You can buy only software packages you need with no waste of money. Windows and Unix server platforms are supported with simple and quick installation procedure. Besides, a small-sized engine starring the latest technologies guarantees minimal usage of workstation and server resources.

If you need it, you can install the products the same day you purchase a Doctor Web License: thanks to the instant generation service, critical files are available within minutes of submitting payment.

The suite will also protect Employees’ Home PCs and Mobile Devices to offers a comprehensive protection, making possible safeguard the company’s intranet and the home computers and mobile devices of employees whether connected to the Internet. Satisfying the need for flexibility, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite lets administrators manage different groups separately, making it an excellent choice for companies with high-security requirements as well as for multi-branch businesses.

Protecting your business network, criminals won’t be able to turn it into the source of viruses and spam so you can safeguard your reputation as a trustworthy partner.

It’s possible to ask a Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 30-day free trial customizing the software set that suits your business needs. You must also customize the set of products to include in your license purchase.


Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is a good solution for your small business.

Usability: 7.5 /10 Speed: 8.5 /10 Features: 9 /10 Support: 8 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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