The best billing software with mobile app

In this article Accurate Reviews highlights the billing programs that have mobile app for your devices. This function allows you to have the situation under control regarding utilities.


Do you want to check your energy consumption? Paying your bill directly with a few clicks? No problem, with the billing software listed below you can see everything you want through your phone or tablet. This tool can be associated with any type of user such as electricity, gas, water and waste.
Let’s look together which program can satisfy your needs:

Tridens Monetization

Tridens Monetization is cloud-based billing software designed for companies of different industrial sectors such as communications, energy, finance, utilities, healthcare, media, entertainment, travel, retail, and logistics. It helps organizations create product catalogs, manage customers, collections and set discounts. Tridens Monetization allows staff members to configure product or service prices, create plans or packages, create contracts and generate customer hierarchies. It allows supervisors to set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or customized billing cycles based on specific business requirements. With the integrated WYSIWYG editor, employees can create customized invoices in multiple file formats, including html, xml, json and pdf. The financial management module allows users to manage general ledgers, track revenue, closing of accounting periods, while maintaining compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS15 guidelines.


Let’s look at the following demo of this utility billing program:

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Genea Submeter Billing

Genea Submeter Billing is a cloud-based utility billing software that is primarily aimed at property owners and managers who want to improve their expense management. This is a utility billing program that will save you time by eliminating the manual processes that often lead to issues to resolve, disputed charges, confused billing or long waits.
The goal is to offer greater transparency in the relationship between the tenant and the property management team, removing manual billing and ensuring a safe, fair and honest space on both sides. To make everything easier, Genea Submeter Billing allows the tenant to send HVAC requests even from their smartphone. All this, added to an efficient customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allows you to achieve a customer loyalty rate of 99%.


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Zego, developed by PayLease, is a cloud-based property management solution that enables owners, developers and community managers to modernize outdated property processes into efficient workflows with integrated modules to help manage every point of life cycle contact of residents. Zego offers community engagement modules, integrated smart devices, rental payment processing and utility management. With its modern and simple design, residents and staff are able to complete designated tasks in a short amount of time. Zegois also equipped with a payment portal that allows residents to pay any dues from any device. With this module, staff members can increase their productivity and reduce the time spent collecting and processing paper payments and focus on the tasks to be carried out.


Here’s a video showing what this utility billing program can do for you:

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SkyBill is a cloud-based utility billing solution that helps users define properties and service addresses for each customer. Users can set up multiple rate plans based on the combination of prices and services. The software has an automated billing process cycle that recovers usage from meter readings, sends invoices to customers and collects money from bank payment systems. The solution allows users to customize invoices. Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP provides a client self-service web portal and real-time account management. Users can also export billing data to their existing enterprise resource planning solutions. Support is offered by phone and email.


Let’s look at the tutorial in which he explains how to take advantage of the functions of this billing software:

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Oracle Utilities

Oracle Utilities is a utility billing software mainly used by small, medium and large companies’ water, gas and electricity supply managers. The ultimate goal is to improve and automate all the activities that daily require an investment of time and energy. It is a billing platform available both on-premise and on the cloud, offering solutions for managing expenses, bills, network, reports, customer relations to achieve a sustainable future both in terms of water and in terms of energy.
In addition to having a “green” purpose, Oracle Utilities promises savings in delivery costs and an improvement in all utility management.


Below is a video explaining what this software is all about:

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