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2017 Top Email Verifier Popular Solutions

The first rule of email marketing: never buy a list. It’d be an easy and low-cost way to grow your audience, it would be your legitimate kiss of death, and it would force you to use an email verifier to filter good addresses from wrong ones. But if you have collected your emails through legit ways, and your lists are growing old: maybe this email business tools can help you increase your deliverability.

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    Email marketing is something you can’t give up if you want to reach new customers, but it’s also a game with many rules you have to observe. Service providers tend to punish more and more email marketers. One of the most important rules to avoid being penalized is to create lists of legitimate subscribers, collected by forms and with client permission.

    The second step is to keep clean your lists: more than 20 percent of email list registrations are affected by syntax errors, typos, domain and other errors. But there’s more: you can stumble on spam traps, honeypots, disposable emails and so on. It’s very easy to sully your reputation and considerably drop your deliverability, losing then your email marketing service account.

    Thankfully, there are many email verification services and list hygiene providers designed to clean your lists before getting caught up in a mess. This kind of services ensures to determine whether a list of email addresses is valid and deliverable or not thanks to an address-by-address analysis of every data. All of those email validation services boast a combination of proprietary algorithms and several validation techniques:

    • Domain/MX record check, testing the DNS entries of an email address;
    • email address syntax check, removing any improperly formatted email according to the IETF standards;
    • a check of role-based account such as info@, support@, postmaster@, admin@, and so on;
    • checking disposable email address (DEA) for one time use to sign up;
    • HoneyPot/Spam track used for trapping spammers check;
    • SMTP test on each email address to verify mailbox existence.

    We tried the best email verification providers on the market: take a look at our reviews and choose one.

    1 TowerData

    TowerData is a great player in the email industry: in addition to being the leading email validation service provider, it provides tools for a winning multi-channel marketing campaign.

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    2 Bulk Email Checker

    Bulk Email Checker is an excellent online email verifier able to detect if an email address is real or fake, helping your email marketing campaigns grow.

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    3 QuickEmailVerification

    Based in India, QuickEmailVerification is one of the main email verification online service that verifies bulk email addresses or real-time emails thanks to REST API.

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    4 Xverify

    Xverify offers a real-time email verification service able to verify even phone and address data. The service can immediately identify not secure email accounts

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    5 DataValidation

    DataValidation offers an email verification service simplified that works online. It allows to verify and clean up your contact lists directly uploading a file, boasting one of the supported ESP integration or using Real-time and Batch Verification APIs.

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    6 Data Validation

    Data Validation is an email verifier service that works online. This email marketing tool lets you check and verify your lists, to know their status and their reliability in case you want to send them a newsletter.

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    7 Experian Data Quality

    Nowadays every marketer knows the success of email campaigns depends on how clean contact lists are and Experian Data Quality, former LeadSpend, offer a clean up solution.

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    8 is another big player in the email address validation landscape. Serving many companies across United States, UK, and Europe, the online service offers batch or real-time email verifications.

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    9 eMail Verifier

    eMail Verifier is a professional business tool for email marketers that allows you to check your contact lists, filtering them and erasing the ones that don’t work. It controls many different aspects of your addresses, such as domain names...

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    10 Kickbox

    In the email address verification landscape, Kickbox is emerging with an online service. The Kickbox primary goal is to help you separate the low-quality email addresses from high-value contacts in your lists.

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