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2024 Top Email Marketing Services User Guide

With an email marketing service you’ll be able to work on your finest communications from everywhere. But if you’ll need to work on premises, or if you’re tied to your own computer, you’d better take a look to our email marketing software page. To ensure your deliverability you can use also an SMTP service.

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    Every business — even the smallest — needs to grow to reach out to current and prospective customers, keeping them updated on the latest deals and news about company activities: email marketing is the perfect tool to achieve your goals.

    If you are looking for the best email marketing service that suits your needs but you honestly don’t know which option to choose, here you have our accurate rank. We tested, reviewed and compared a lot of email marketing services to simplify your choice and let you find the perfect solution for you.

    To be clear: email marketing service will work through your web browser, at any given time, and you need no download. If you want to prepare your news while offline, better check our email marketing software page, and you’ll find surely some program that fit your requirements. Maybe you can pair it with an SMTP service, to ensure your deliverability.

    Email marketing is a great way to keep you connected to your valued customer base and isn’t as difficult as it may seem: the right advertising campaign can give you the best return on business investment. You can test your customers’ loyalty with in-depth reporting and then refine your offer. Don’t know where to find the right solution? There are indeed many services available – with a lot of different tools and features, support options, price, ease of use – and each of these can truly help to create your email marketing strategy.

    Thanks to the abundance of services available, you can find the best one for you selecting it from a lot of similar packages. To make the right decision, all you need to do is to figure out the types of messages you want to send, the number of your contacts and estimate future growth. A lot of services offer customized tiers based on subscribers and a number of monthly sent email and allow you to moving up and down without problems; others offer “free for life” plans, month-to-month ones and limited free trials you can test (usually from 14 to 30 days). There are also email marketing services offering custom pricing, like iContact and Constant Contact.

    All these services provide more or less the same basic tools – to import contacts, create a list, build the newsletter (with ready-made templates or WYSIWYG editors) and get stats reports – and many of these are very easy to use also for the novice marketers. Instead, some features are more focused on visual design (like Emma or AWeber) others instead on contact management (like Constant Contact).

    Talking about features, email marketing services give you many tools to create and monitor your campaigns. The vast majority of services offers:

    • sending and reporting features that provide reports and statistics (most of them through Google Analytics integration) about how your email campaign is doing (click, unsubscribing, bounce, unopened emails, etc.);
    • a data importing feature that lets you transfer data as CVS or Excel files into the software;
    • a contact management feature to supervise people in your lists, add, merge or export new lists or custom data fields, and segment contacts;
    • a campaign management feature to manage and execute email campaigns creating triggered campaigns, A/B split testing, create an alias email address and autoresponders, scheduling emails at a specific time and date, and using an autoresponder;
    • an email design tool that allows to design email campaigns creating generic templates, formatting with HTML or plain text messages and adding to them images, social media buttons, surveys, links, etc.;
    • a templates category with different email templates ready to use;
    • a quality control tool that lets you send test emails, test the anti-spam checker on your campaign, create permission-based email lists only, and duplicate email checker;
    • learning materials to help you learn and master the product without the help of support: you may find FAQ, forum, video tutorials, glossary, and blogs;
    • mobile support;
    • integration with third-party applications;
    • a support service will provide you assistance if needed through live chat and phone support for immediate responses.

    There are of course some email marketing services recommended for advanced professional use – for example in case you have to manage newsletter campaigns for a large business – and they are largely quite tricky if you are a beginner marketer. This kind of services became very useful to get more accurate stats from your sending and more features to create sophisticated campaigns and define a drip marketing strategy (set autoresponders, follow-up based on opens and clicks, filter and segment your lists to target particular groups). Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber are an example of most popular email marketing service that offers this kind of advanced tools.

    The email marketing services’ world is big and offers a lot of interesting solutions that suit your needs. The most important things you have to look for are the pricing plans offer – especially the chance to opt for a customized one – and a good usability. Other fundamental elements to make your choice is an excellent customer care option that works for you – 24/7 phone support, chat, forum, knowledge base or help tickets – and the specific features end integrations that can boost your business.

    1 eMailChef

    eMailChef chooses to play in the middle ground, making its debuts with all the features you expect from a professional email marketing service and putting aside some hard-core features for the future. We think it’s a smart move that will pay well in the short term.

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    2 Omnisend

    Built for ecommerce companies that need more from email marketing, Omnisend is a fan-favorite rising star in the industry. Providing sophisticated marketing automation with an ultra  user-friendly platform, Omnisend incorporates omnichannel features into the workflows we all know and love. If there’s one thing that comes up again and again in Omnnisend’s customer reviews, it’s the phrase “easy to use.”

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    3 MailChimp

    Especially fit for startuppers and young entrepreneurs, MailChimp is one of the most famous email marketing services. Even if email marketing is a crowded industry, MailChimp pioneered a casual way of making software that thrives today and still generates imitator, both good and bad.

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    4 Emma

    Emma is a good and easy to use web email marketing service that allows you to create smart and accurate drip newsletter campaigns. Best for small and medium size business, agencies and nonprofit organizations.

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    5 SendinBlue

    SendinBlue is one of the popular email marketing services, one of the greater and cheaper alternative to MailChimp you may choose for your e-commerce business.

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    6 Revue

    Revue is a newsletter service that helps you quickly share your personal newsletter enriched by text, links, and images we find and like online. It is the kind of service designed for social media managers, curators, influencers, individuals or small companies that need to rely entirely on their online presence.

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    7 Benchmark

    Benchmark is a rich featuring yet easy to use email marketing app that allows you to create great looking campaigns, surveys, polls and event pages in minutes.

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    8 GetResponse

    GetResponse is a well-known email marketing service since has been one of the first and still remains one of the best.

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    9 Constant Contact

    Constant Contact is an easy-to-use and intuitive email marketing service for all skill levels ready to set up in three steps: elaborate the template, select the audience and send. Even though it lacks some features, this bulk email service is a truly good choice for email marketing beginners, and it’s able to connect many different marketing tools in one package.

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    10 AWeber

    Among the various email marketing services, AWeber stands out as one of the most complete and accurate, but its many professional features can weigh down its usability to beginner users.

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