Best real estate management software

Top 2024 real estate management software

  • By property management system (PMS) we mean the software application that deals with all the operations of accommodation facilities and commercial properties for residential rent. It provides a centralized computer system to organize, schedule and execute the daily functions and transactions involved in hospitality activities. Computer record keeping and PMS have significantly increased the efficiency of the hotel industries simply by making it possible to update and browse centralized records from multiple computers and devices.

    The real estate management software allows the real estate agent to focus more on the customer, on his needs and on creating the possibilities to satisfy them, reaching the goal more quickly and without too much effort.
    Accurate Reviews experts have included in this guide all the reviews relating to the best programs for real estate agencies, describing their features and analyzing their pros and cons.

    1 Stratafolio

    Stratafolio is an asset management solution designed to help commercial real estate agents manage cash flow, debt, lease and investment processes. Users can view current debts and obtain information on maturing and recourse loans through parameters such as debt service coverage ratio (DCR), loan to value ratio (LTV), loan at cost (LTC) and more.

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    2 Smart Property Systems

    Smart Property Systems is a cloud-based property management system designed for owners, real estate investors, property management companies, and student or employee housing managers. It offers accrual accounting, tenant and lease tracking and maintenance functionality.

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    3 Shape

    Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales and marketing automation software for businesses across various industries including legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, and education. The solution offers a range of tools to help users manage and automate online marketing and promotions.

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    4 Property Vista

    Property Vista is a property management software solution that transforms the way property managers build relationships with tenants to increase business value through technology. The solution integrates to efficiently manage the activity and improve the tenant experience: from potential applications for tenants to moving inspections and everything in between, the intuitive platform helps users create a modern and meaningful experience.

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    5 Common Areas

    Common Areas is a cloud-based maintenance management solution for property managers, facilities and field services. It allows users to organize, schedule and track their teams and activities online. Key features include multi-location management, problem reporting, image archiving and workflow management.

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    6 ClientLook

    ClientLook is a cloud-based real estate CRM solution that helps agents, developers and brokers manage events, track properties and organize contacts. The software allows users to monitor property by checking lease deadlines and tenant movements. The solution provides access to the inventory module of personal assets and the contact database.

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    7 Honest Buildings

    Honest Buildings is a data-driven, cloud-based project management platform built specifically for property owners, operators and managers. The solution simplifies real estate operations, including planning and construction, ensuring that all projects are on budget and on time.

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    8 Juniper Square

    Juniper Square is a cloud-based real estate management platform that assists real estate companies with client administration and partnership accounting. Key features include file sharing, document management, payment distribution and customizable reporting.

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    9 Apto

    Apto is web-based software that helps users manage properties, contacts, lists and offers anytime, anywhere and via any device. Whether a user is a property owner, tenant, or investment sales representative, this software will help improve business operations and convert more leads in less time.

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    10 CRE Suite

    CRE Suite is a cloud-based real estate investment analysis platform that provides commercial real estate development and acquisition teams with the tools to analyze and underwrite complex properties and portfolios, as well as manage fund-level analysis, lease summaries, financial models real estate and more.

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