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Accurate Reviews shows which are the best SEO tools to optimize your website. Analyze the best keywords and make smart and targeted strategic decisions.


SEO tools allow you to analyze and plan a web-related market strategy to see the performance of websites on search engines (SEO Audit). These tools are essential for building a SEO friendly website, improving it, solving its critical problems, increasing its visitor traffic, improving its positioning and obtaining greater conversions.
Below we’ll show which are the 5 best SEO software.


SEO reporting platform, AgencyAnalytics is designed for marketing agencies. It comes with custom dashboards, mobile tools and a wide range of analytical integrations, automatic reports, social analytics, backlink monitoring, SEO auditing, PPC keyword tracking and more. Using the software, you can create your own dashboards that can be used in managing customer marketing campaigns. You can easily use various widgets that provide information on engagement on multiple social media networks, number of backlinks and link domains. In addition, you can customize the dashboards for each campaign, so that the data provided can be tailored to your needs using the relevant metrics as a basis. AgencyAnalytics is able to control SEO, allowing users to identify the problems that influence their search rankings.


Here is a tutorial to find out the main functions of this SEO reporting software together:

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Ahrefs is a SEO software that offers users the world’s largest live backlink index. The service offers businesses of all sizes a reliable and robust backlink checking tool that provides detailed backlink profiles for any URL or website. The tool is very simple and easy to use and offers users very complete and understandable data views as well as data export functionality. With its innovative technology, the program can export data in intuitive formats and even show social metrics such as shares, likes and tweets next to each link. Ahrefs helps you monitor the positioning of your keywords in all geographic locations and languages, as well as the performance of your keywords on mobile platforms.


Find out, with this tutorial, how to create the perfect SEO configuration on WordPress with this program:

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Nightwatch is a revolutionary SEO tracking and optimization engine with in-depth report analysis. It offers insights into keyword and website positioning, AdWords advertising, competitor performance and other related aspects. Some of the features that distinguish it from other solutions are the detailed visualization and graphs, the positioning of keywords in the ranking and the tracking and segmentation of advanced keywords and backlinks. With Nightwatch you can save time in managing numerous keywords using its advanced tools. It allows you to filter keywords based on several factors as well. To further help you cut information on your dashboard, the solution allows you to customize the columns to display only the data you need. Whenever a trend or opportunity emerges, Nightwatch takes note and sends you notifications. These allow you to immediately decide how to act based on the new information. Creating customized reports with this solution is simple. You just have to drag and drop the necessary elements onto the screen. It is designed for professionals who know SEO tools, thus providing in-depth information more easily.


Find out through this video how to monitor your SEO performance in this program:

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Funnel Science is a SEO analysis platform that provides companies and sales and marketing teams with the technology and tools that allow them to create, promote and convert more leads than ever before. Furthermore, it allows them to identify and remove the obstacles that can arise, plan the strategies to be adopted and determine the factors that reduce operating expenses, saving time and maximizing new sales opportunities. This software uses artificial intelligence to further improve users’ sales channels, facilitating their identification of the factors that determine both positive and negative customer purchase actions. With Funnel Science, you are able to find out what makes your landing pages interesting, what type of content attracts the most users, and which links visitors tend to click on.


The tutorial that follows shows the main functions of this SEO software:

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AuthorityLabs is a powerful web-based SEO monitoring tool that has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. The platform is designed to be fast and precise in monitoring competitors, in reporting white-label keywords, in local and global monitoring for various search engines, in exporting reports and integrating Google AdWords. It is one of the best scalable tools that tracks all keywords for a number of domains through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are customized reports that simplify monitoring performance on a daily basis. The reports offer a clear view of the average ranking of keywords in a specific search engine and relate the ranking to the corresponding changes. The reports also have a 30-day trend and, in case you want a detailed analysis, you simply have to choose a specific keyword and get information and graphs, including the comparison of the keywords.


Here is a tutorial showing how this SEO tool generates reporting:

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