• apple subscriptions

    Apple subscriptions: how to stop recurrent payments

    Does it sound familiar? Sometimes a credit card charge occurs, and we don’t exactly know what it’s about. Then Apple’s email comes with payment details, and you remember that you signed up for a digital magazine that only comes out for iPad. Very nice, but you do not even find the time to just leaf […]

  • wannacry china

    WannaCry: a Chinese lookalike for Android phones

    It comes from China a “tribute” to WannaCry, if we can say so. It is a malware virus for Android phones, whose graphics immediately reminds of WannaCry, and which, unlike much Android malware, does not just stop access to the phone, but it actually encrypts the files on the device – though for technical reasons […]

  • privacy

    Privacy and Safari: Apple’s browser new features

    Made safe of the name – honestly horrible: High Sierra – the new operating system that Apple is releasing for its Macs brings some under the hood refinements: stability, usability, and privacy first of all. For example, from next fall, Safari will do more than we can to protect our privacy while we visit several […]

  • ransomware

    The world’s youngest ransomware creator

    At age 14 I was thinking of doing something important in my life, but I never thought of creating a ransomware. Instead, an Osaka kid decided to spend his free time developing a software that can infect PCs. He added a free encryption system, actually creating the perfect ransomware: at first, it sneaks into a […]

  • amazon drive

    Amazon Drive: no more unlimited storage

    Amazon has announced that the Amazon Drive Unlimited plan will no longer be available. Amazon Drive is an online storage solution that competes with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and so on. The unlimited plan, called Cloud Drive Unlimited, was launched in March 2015, picking up a fairly successful deal: it was the storage plan […]

  • twitter

    Twitter: a bug allowed to use accounts without password

    Twitter is one of the most important social media, though it continues to fall between the culprit and the bad. A few months ago a serious security problem was solved that would allow anyone – anyone – to post tweets from other accounts without any security check. Fortunately, the vulnerability was present in Studio, a tool […]

  • wwdc 2017

    WWDC 2017: news from the Apple Developer Conference

    Early June is Apple‘s time: its annual developer conference started yesterday in San Jose and saw several juicy announcements: starting from the location. The conferences from 1989 until 2002 were held at the San Jose Convention Center and then moved to San Francisco: returning to San Jose was defined by some Apple executives as a […]

  • Facebook risponde alla May

    Facebook, Twitter, Google: we try to make our services hostile to terrorists

    A few days after the umpteenth terrorist attack in London, Google, Twitter, and Facebook confirmed they were working side-by-side with the UK government to enforce greater control over shared content across platforms. Theresa May, Prime Minister, stated the danger of social networks as channels for terrorism: according to her, terrorists can find online a safe […]