• Google Chrome

    Google Chrome will block some ads starting from 2018

    Google revealed that the popular Chrome browser would block some online ads starting from 2018. According to early sources that have rushed to reveal further details, Chrome will use a native ad-block system, but that’s not entirely accurate. According to Google’s statement so far, In dialogue with the Coalition and other industry groups, we plan […]

  • Gmail

    Gmail security: Google launches new protection features

    Google has announced a new set of features for Gmail account security. Three new options are intended for Google Suite users, while the fourth one is immediately available to all Gmail users. Let’s start from the latter: Gmail users, both from the web and from applications, will now be more protected by attachments containing potential […]

  • epub reader per windows 10

    ePub reader for Windows 10: the best 5

    ePub reader for Windows 10? There are several of them, and although they are not the best solution – we think an ebook should be read on a device designed for reading – they do their job and allow you to read novels, manuals, guides. Let’s not forget, however, that Microsoft has been supporting touchscreens […]

  • webrtc

    WebRTC on Chrome can record video and audio without users knowing it

    Google has recently been informed of a major security vulnerability that would allow malicious people to record audio or video without user permission using Chrome. The most up-to-date and used browsers support WebRTC technology, or Real-Time Communications Web, which supports real-time communication with no need for additional plugins. By doing so, you can create audio […]

  • cash

    Bitcoin: its value continues to grow. 1 Bitcoin is worth 2,000 dollars

    Until some time ago, Bitcoins seemed to be uninteresting and remained for a long time a “deal” for experts. In the last few months, the most used crypto-currency has become famous as never before. According to the latest estimates, 1 Bitcoin is currently worth 2,483 dollars (about 2,000 euros), breaking all records. Since the beginning […]