Firefox Review

Firefox is a web browser that offers users lightning-fast speed and web browsing tools while keeping your privacy safe. Designed to collect as little information as possible by automatically blocking most trackers. Privacy protection includes blocking third-party cookies, cryptominers, blocking fingerprints, individual protection reports and more.



  • Browse faster: this browser uses less memory than Chrome, so your other programs can keep running at top speed.
  • Your favorite extensions: add powerful functions, useful features and even a little fun to your browser.
  • Balanced memory: it uses just enough memory to create a smooth experience so your computer stays responsive to other tasks.
  • More powerful Private Browsing: Private Browsing mode deletes cookie data and your browsing history every time you close it.
  • Ad tracker blocking: it automatically blocks 2000+ ad trackers from following you around the internet.
  • Password manager: lets you access all the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox — and it’s free.
  • Customize your browser: give your browser the look you want with thousands of different themes.
  • Sync between devices: make sure all your important stuff — internet searches, passwords, open tabs — appears where you need it on every device.
  • Better bookmarks: use the bookmark star icon to stay organized and add custom names and folders quickly.
  • Fingerprinter blocking: Fingerprinting is a type of online tracking that’s more invasive than ordinary cookie-based tracking — that’s why Firefox Browser blocks it.
  • Translate the web: translate from more than 100 languages to your language directly in your Firefox Browser – easier than ever.


Firefox is a browser available for iOS and Android devices, protecting what matters your privacy wherever you go.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 10 /10

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