Construction management software

Construction management software: the best-rated of 2024

  • Construction management software helps construction companies better manage business processes-from product status monitoring to expense management, project planning and accounting.
    In this guide we have included the best construction management programs, analyzing their pros and cons, value for money and the features they offer.

    1 Stack

    Stack is a web-based estimation software that provides comprehensive tools for construction projects of all sizes. Its goal is to simplify the estimation process and speed up production. It is a cloud-based service programmed to help users acquire accurate estimates of the quantity and quality of the material together with prices made flexible for every construction need.

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    2 LetsBuild

    LetsBuild is a construction project management software that combines two tools for end-to-end management during construction. The two products, GenieBelt and Aproplan, are made for real-time planning and on-site monitoring respectively.

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    3 PlanGrid

    2692/5000 PlanGrid is an advanced software to meet any online construction management need. In particular, it offers collaboration opportunities on project plans, specifications, photos and RFI and using real-time desktop or mobile devices from anywhere.

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    4 CoConstruct

    CoConstruct is a web-based building management software that optimizes the daily operations of builders, model makers and design companies. With three well-formulated feature modules, the solution helps builders to tackle common challenges related to their projects, whether it's budgets, customer communication and business planning

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    5 Fieldwire

    Fieldwire is a building management solution that provides precise tracking of construction site problems and project deficiencies to bridge the gap between the field and the office team. Administering and managing shortcomings in construction projects and activities is a tedious but fundamental process.

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    6 Raken

    Raken is a construction management application that allows companies and construction companies to save time and focus more on the realization of their projects, helping them to easily manage their needs and their daily reporting processes.

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    7 Knowify

    Knowify is a cloud-based building management solution designed for residential contractors and small and medium-sized commercial subcontractors. The solution helps to manage various administrative activities including job estimation and supply, contract management and change orders.

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    8 ProBuilder Online

    ProBuilder è una soluzione di gestione dell'edilizia basata su cloud che consente ai costruttori di case di migliorare il processo del progetto automatizzando i flussi di lavoro che richiedono tempo. Dal preventivo di servizio iniziale al progetto completato, il programmProBuilder Online is a cloud-based building management solution that allows home builders to improve the project process by automating time-consuming workflows. From the initial service estimate to the completed project, the program is able to manage every aspect of the construction process such as creating estimates, monitoring and planning the project, financial management, budget, administration of activities and on-site documentation.

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    9 RedTeam

    RedTeam is a cloud-based building management software ideal for construction companies and independent contractors. Being a solution that can provide you with the tools you need for business development, preconstruction, project management, cost control, invoicing and field management, RedTeam determines a significant increase in performance for all team stakeholders of any type of project.

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    10 Einpix

    With Einpix is a construction management solution that helps companies manage and optimize the business activities performed by workers in the field such as equipment distribution and maintenance, cleaning, repairs, visual defect management on the job site, fire and workplace safety, customers and contractors, etc.

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