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Shadow CMS is a communications management software that administers telephone rates, equipment costs, VoIP traffic, Internet use and provider discounts. The solution provides the call management tools needed to enable administrators to forecast, track and allocate communications expenses. The features of this product can be divided into several areas. Traffic analysis keeps track of all calls including long distance, local, international, internal and incorrect calls. Comprehensive traffic reports allow you to accurately assess the grade of service, peak hours and call volume. Cost Allocation The solution will provide you with detailed reports showing the allocation of costs by cost center, department, division, extension, authorization code, etc. These reports, in turn, help in budgeting, forecasting and internal billing in your company.


We look at this video and discover the efficiency of this call management software:


  • Record the data from traditional SMDR box, the IP and ODBC connectivity
  • Multi-site, multi-user and multi-platform
  • Works with virtually any telephone system
  • Automatic job scheduler
  • Remote access, FTP and direct polling HTML, RTF and TXT reports
  • Complete with V&H tables and tariff structures
  • Higher cost engines for any country
  • It integrates with all popular property management systems
  • Email reports
  • Dynamic filtering criteria for ad-hoc reports
  • No maximum call capacity
  • It integrates with CTI applications
  • Emergency and ad hoc notifications
  • Poll multiple devices simultaneously
  • Countless report templates or create your own
  • It tracks Internet, data and ISDN traffic
  • Determine the best services available with Carrier Comparison
  • Compatible with Norstar, BCM, SCS 500, CS 1000 and Meridian 1
  • Versions for General Business, Professional and Hospitality.


Shadow CMS  is a call management system that through a series of sophisticated processes, telephone bills are interfaced directly into the solution for detailed billing, budgeting, cost consolidation, service comparison and network management. Please rate this program.

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Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 7.5 /10 Pricing: 7 /10

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