Best Customer Relationship Management Software: Our User Guide

2017 Top CRM Software User Guide

If you’re running a growing business, you’ll inevitably need to keep track of customer and lead information in the same place, avoiding losing valuable data. A Customer Relation Management software, or CRM, is the right solution for you: it allows you to manage data and customer interactions across different channels.

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    CRM solutions include social media, live chat, telephone, website, direct mail, marketing materials, project management tools, purchase history, customer personal information and buying preferences.

    This kind of software establishes a thorough business ecosystem linking contact details from each department and multiple employees, cutting down the time it would take to help a customer or retrieve data. But there’s more: CRM systems are also meant to follow leads as they turn into potential clients. You’ll be able to monitor the customer down the pipeline, keeping track of his interactions with your business.

    Give attention to pay vendors and investors and control employee workflow is equally simple and straightforward as keeping contacts organized. A standard CRM software includes sales force management tools tracking contacts and follow-ups between customer and salesperson, contact center automation tools that assist your clients in problem-solving steps, marketing automation capabilities, and location-based services.

    Many CRM systems are priced by the number of users on monthly subscription. You can find cloud-based top CRM and excellent open source CRM solutions. Almost the totality of Customer Relation Management solutions offers mobile app access to workers on-the-go.

    What is the best CRM for your needs? When you choose, you have to keep in mind CRM solutions are meant to be used by any company in any industry: they offer generic and flexible tools. However it’s easy to find better-designed options for your business type: some services aim more on retail and customer interactions, others offer a powerful lead generation system or a better marketing automation.

    Benefits of CRM can be crucial for your business growth, affecting your company goals and needs: take a look at our CRM reviews, we’ll help you select the right one. We focus on easy of installation and use, quality of support offered, ability to share data between company departments and how well each aspect of the software connects with your business needs.

    1 WakeUpSales

    To manage and track your sales pipelines you need a great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that assists you in your business activities: find leads, accomplish a proper relationship with customers, manage your team and much more. WakeUpSales is an innovative CRM solution.

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    2 Insightly

    Insightly is one of the best and easiest-to-use online CRM software for small to large business that offers project management, opportunity management, contact management and detailed sales reports, all in a single service.

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    3 Apptivo

    Any creator of CRM software is going to have to answer one simple question: why shouldn’t the buyer use Salesforce? With a competitor that powerful, that well-known and that popular, they’re always going to have their work cut out to come up with an answer.

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    4 MRPEasy

    MRPEasy is a cloud suite able to compromise CRM and MRP (Material Resource Planning) features, production planning, procurement and much more. It serves small to mid-size manufacturers, helping allocate resources.

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    5 SugarCRM

    SugarCRM is one of the biggest and powerful cloud-based customer relationship management software. It's an open-source solution for large enterprises rich in features and functionalities, highly customizable but harder to learn and setup: you'll need someone able to manage the software.

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    6 Sage CRM

    Sage CRM is a well known Customer Relationship Management service designed for small and midsized businesses. The cloud-based CRM can be quickly deployed and is quite simple to learn.

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    7 TeamGate

    TeamGate is a customer relationship management system that’s heavy on sales. It deploys a clean and clear interface, and we liked it a lot.

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    8 SalesJunction

    SalesJunction is a sales automation software and CRM tool designed for small business and very affordable priced. Without annual contracts, offering unlimited storage, free monthly emails and phone support service, this platform definitely aims to fulfill all the major needs of startup, small and midsized companies.

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    9 Pipedrive

    CRM should be a way to improve your work, not a chore. Fortunately, CRM solutions like Pipedrive offers you a lot of features without weighing down and become feature-freaks or unusable.

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    10 InTouch CRM

    InTouch CRM integrates email marketing features in its CRM offer, so you can use it to get two jobs done.

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