Fetchify On-Demand Data Cleansing API Review

Fetchify On-Demand Data Cleansing API provides simple, real-time address lookup and validation solutions, including zip code lookup and predictive automatic address completion worldwide, with Royal Mail PAF and Ordnance Survey data and daily updates. The platform can be integrated into the system architecture to verify global email addresses, physical addresses and phone numbers. all via a single API and supported by experts. The global address dataset is updated daily (with variations on regional availability) and the email and phone data comes in real time from ESP and TSP. Once integrated, you can create automated scheduled cleanup processes within your existing platform and receive real-time results on data accuracy and validity, allowing you to manage errors and update records accordingly.


Let’s take a look at how to integrate this data quality software:


  • Client-side integration: create data cleansing requests in your systems architecture for on-demand validation of email, phone and postal addresses
  • Automated data cleansing: clean the data you need in real time based on schedules, policies and rules to meet the needs of your business
  • Real-time results: instant validation of address and zip/postal code, email address, and local and international landline and cell phone numbers.
  • Fully flexible data cleansing API: the solution’s new data cleansing API gives you total control over your data. With direct access to the best quality data sources available, you can make sure that all of your addresses, zip codes, postal codes, emails and phone records are as accurate as possible.


Fetchify On-Demand Data Cleansing API is a data management solution that allows users to determine incorrect and incomplete records through automated data cleansing.

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