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Rulex helps people and organizations make the best possible decisions by perfectly matching transparent data-driven knowledge with human experience. The platform can be used by anyone from a standard laptop, without typing a line of code. The app helps customers around the world improve operational and decision-making processes using data-driven insights. This program can be accessed from multiple devices. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop graphical interface allows users to manage data with confidence and gain detailed data-driven insights to improve operational and decision-making processes. From supply chains to financial services and healthcare enterprises, people around the world are using Rulex technology to turn their big data into a reliable and valuable resource.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of using this data management software:


  • Simple and immediate: no-code, user-friendly platform means anyone can work with data and obtain explainable data-driven insight in minutes on a standard laptop, without writing a line of code. Revolutionize financial services with smart decisions
  • Versatile and flexible: the softwareoffers a full range of functions, from data preparation and pre-processing, to AI algorithms and optimization in a single environment
  • Fast and efficient: the program enables businesses to see results quickly, thanks to a fast development cycle. The transition from concept to production is just a matter of a few clicks. Business ideas can be rapidly tried out, tested, and implemented
  • See beyond data tables: display your data on an interactive dashboard. Create plots, charts, shapes, and gauges in a single workplace to better read data insights and explore patterns. Refine visual analytics adding filters and drilldowns to question your data and make ground-breaking discoveries
  • Improve communication: visualizing data in a dashboard makes insights more understandable and straightforward, especially to non-technical decision-makers. Dynamic visualizations can help you make your point clear during meetings, presenting your findings to colleagues and clients more effectively.


Rulex is a leading technology company specializing in code-free software for accurate data management, machine learning and optimization.

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