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Scal-e is a data quality software for companies in the consumer goods, financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, retail, ecommerce and other industries. It supports them in optimizing and personalizing the experience of their consumers in order to manage marketing campaigns, events, loyalty programs in real time and across all channels. This allows you to have a complete view of everything about your company and your customers, which is essential to discover and meet their needs, generating relevant messages and creating personalized experiences.



  • Structured and centralized customer data
  • Dynamic and behavioral segmentation
  • Predictive models and needs anticipation
  • Personalized recommendations for tailored marketing campaigns
  • Optimized conversions and customer engagement
  • Tracking and measurement of conversion rates
  • Identification of the best ambassadors
  • Automated rewards
  • Marketing programs and campaigns
  • Real-time interactions
  • Higher customer conversion rate
  • Omni-channel customer journey
  • Optimization and automation of your campaigns
  • Unique, centralized experiences across all touch points
  • Recognition of best customers both online and offline
  • Management of member preferences and transactions
  • Automation of promotions and coupons
  • Personalization of your special offers
  • Increase individual customer satisfaction and purchase frequency
  • Simplify enrollment and RSVP management
  • Increase guest attendance and reduce the number of non-attendances


Scal-e is a complete and modular solution that, thanks to an accurate data management, will allow you to increase your business in a short time.

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Usability: 8.8 /10 Speed: 8.5 /10 Features: 8 /10 Support: 9 /10 Pricing: 6 /10

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