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Disk Cleaner

No one likes cleaning. Even professional cleaners don’t like cleaning. They do it because they know it has to be done, and they do it because they get paid to do it. But no one ever likes the process. The looking for dirt, the scraping, the scrubbing, the throwing away? There are about a billion things that are more worthwhile and a lot more enjoyable than cleaning.

But even the most reluctant cleaner in the world has to admit they like the effect of cleaning. For a while at least, everything looks brand new. It’s shiny. You can see all your stuff. There’s a floor where a pile of newspapers used to be. So it’s worth doing, at least once in a while—and it’s worth doing to your hard disk too.

All of those old programs, cached files and bits of data that are lying all over your hard drive and have accumulated over the years can be cleared out, leaving your computer feeling like new. You just want the cleaning to be easy and you really don’t want it to take too long.

Disk Cleaner delivers on both counts. First, it cleans everything: application caches and logs, browser data, downloads, trash, mail downloads, everywhere, in fact, that your computer is likely to have dropped something. It’s also customizable. You can change your search preferences to exclude particular file types, such as zip files and jpegs.

You can even instruct it to look for files by size, allowing you to boot out old installations that you no longer need and have long forgotten about. If you installed a game a couple of years ago, gave up on level seven and never touched it again, those hundreds of lost megabytes can now be easily identified and restored. You even get to watch a nice colorful display as the cleaner goes about its business.

But the best feature of all is that you won’t see that display for long. You can expect Disk Cleaner to make it through about a gigabyte every second so the cleaning is super-fast. One click and the cleaning begins. One cup of coffee and it’s over.

There’s no shortage of disk cleaning apps available for Mac users— and Disk Cleaner is only available for Mac. But makers Pocket Bits say Disk Cleaner is the only one that’s been updated in 2017. It does the job and it does it fast enough for the cleaning not to feel painful. You might even start to enjoy cleaning.


A fast customizable cleaning service for Mac users.

Usability: 9 /10 Speed: 9 /10 Features: 7 /10 Support: 7 /10 Pricing: 6.5 /10

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