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Edsby is a learning management system (LMS) designed specifically for private and public primary schools. In addition to the LMS functionality, it includes grading records, testing and assessment functionality. The software provides teachers with tools to electronically manage attendance, send private messages to parents and collaborate with colleagues. Teachers can reuse content for use in multiple classrooms or in subsequent years. Testing features support formative assessments. The scores are calculated and recorded automatically and any anomalies are reported. In addition, students and parents can view grades once they are posted and are notified about assignments.


Let’s watch the tutorial that shows how to use this distance learning software:


  • Classroom management: create a private and secure online space for each classroom in a school district; educators can monitor attendance and course content
  • Assessment and reporting: allows teachers to acquire evidence of learning, even in the early years, and compare it to standards using the latest assessment schemes. Educators can monitor and communicate student progress more powerfully than with any other system
  • Group collaboration: solution groups give school clubs and teams places to organize. They can also be used for district or regional professional development, PLCs and student-led learning
  • Timetable and calendar: the calendar and planning system was created for all special programs in K-12, including custom day cycles, periodic programs and holidays
  • Parental involvement: in primary and secondary school, parents play a key role. But they are often asked to use different applications to follow their children’s education depending on what individual teachers have selected. This software allows families to see what is happening at school in a single, official and safe app
  • Registrations and workflows: use the platform for registrations, parent-teacher planning, obtaining field trip approvals, sending report card data and more
  • News: share the latest happenings with students and parents. Make sure everyone sees what’s going on without having to send notes home. News at the district, regional or national level can also be shared with everyone
  • Analytics: all stakeholders in a school, district or region should be able to use data to form insights and take action. Regardless of where the data resides, the program puts it in the hands of educators in real time, not in their rear view
  • Data consolidation: the solution can collect and normalize K-12 data from many different locations using different protocols and make it usable by other applications.


Edsby is a web-based e-learning solution that can be customized to align with local district terminology, workflows, report cards and other features. At the same time, it integrates with the school district’s student information system (SIS), directory service, human resources and other systems.

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